Sel de la Terre: Wine Tuesday “Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!”

Guess what?? Guess what?? I finally went to another Wine Tuesday!!! I’ve been failing and falling behind… 

Okay, I admit, I suck. I’ve been canceling out on Wine Tuesdays for the past few weeks :T YIKES.  I’ve missed out.. :[ And seriously I’ve missed some good ones.. pork belly and udon, SDLT’s famous steak and frites, etc etc… not to mention delicious varieties of wine and information.  I almost missed out on this one.. but it was bubbles.. and I love my champagne/sparkling wine so I HAD to… I think sparkling wine goes with anything.  From apps, to any meat, heavy or light, rich and creamy.. thick and fatty, anything and everything.. sweet and savory.  When in doubt order bubbles!!!

First Course
Adami, “Garbel”, Brut, Prosecco, Treviso, Italy
Melon & Coconut Soup with Spiced Pistachios and Crisp Bacon

I’m usually not too big on cold soups.. especially cold sweet/savory soups – it’s confusing.. not to mention one of the worst cold soups I’ve had is a really bad white gazpacho at a Green City Market Chef’s BBQ in Chicago a few years ago…

This was really tasty.. really sweet.. hopefully naturally from the melon… it was a green tint – I’m guessing from honeydew, and super creamy from the coconut but you could still see and feel the texture of the pureed melon.. there was a drizzle of EVOO on top… I’m thinking flavored but I couldn’t quite grasp what… I think my mind was tricking me with curry since there was coconut… the bacon added crunch and a touch of saltiness and I loved the pistachios.. needed more!!!

The prosecco paired beautifully with the soup, cut through the soup really well without overpowering it with flavor and bubbles… the bubbles were light.. not overwhelming.. no case of the bubbles

Second Course
Roederea Estate, Brut, Anderson Valley, California
Pan Seared Scallop Succotash with Gooseberry Conpote

Some of the most tender amazing scallops I’ve had in ages… I opt for raw scallops or scallop ceviches because I find scallops get overcooked WAY too easily.. it’s a pain in the butt and super disappointing when they’re leathery and over salted. These were PERFECTION.  The most delicate gorgeous sear on the outside.. definitely cooked but so silky smooth… perfectly seasoned and melted in my mouth – almost of raw quality but barely opaque. OMG. HAPPY.  The gooseberry compote added a nice slight tart/sweetness to it but the succotash seemed a little bit out of a can.  I mean come on.. corn and peas and red pepper? Just seemed too.. elementary… OMG the ladies sitting next to us tho ate everything but the peas and then pushed off their plates of peas to another table. WTF. So rude. If you’re not gonna eat it don’t make a scene. They made a point to tell the waitress that there were too many peas in it.. OMG how can you ever have too many peas? As much as I thought the peas and corn were surprisingly not… what I’m used to, I guess, here… it was perfectly cooked.. YUM

This bubbly was really good – not too sweet and a lot bubblier than the first.  My dinner date got caught off guard and got the bubbles thru nose syndrome for taking such a quick huge sip. HEE HEE..

Main Course
Pierre Sparr, Rose Brut, Cremant D’Alsace, France
Pork Loin with Cider Jus and Confit Red Potatoes

While I don’t really drink roses anymore, who am I to say no to a glass…. rose bubblies.. are.. I’m torn between how I feel about them.  But this was tasty, not too sweet and great bubbles.  It paired beautifully with the pork.  The pork was cooked just right and even tho I had a side piece it was soooo tender with just enough fat.  Such a lovely simple dish and the cider jus was slightly sweet.. which also enhanced the bubbles.. or maybe the bubbles enhanced the sauce.. eiher way :] YAY

Cheese Course
2009 Beppe Marino, “Muray”, Moscato D’Asti, Piedmont, Italy
Fromager d’Affinois, France

This milk cheese was SO good.. it tasted like a triple creme but it was actually just a double.. I’ve never heard of a double creme cheese but YUMMMM… it was like a tasty brie.

Fromager d’Affinois pronounced: [fʁɔmaʒe dafinwa] is a French double-cream soft cheese made from cow’s milk. It is produced by the Fromagerie Guilloteau company.

Fromager d’Affinois is similar to Brie in production, appearance and flavour. Unlike in Brie production however, before cheese making the cow’s milk undergoes a process called ultrafiltration. Ultrafiltration removes water from the pasteurised milk, concentrating all other components. [1] One effect of this process is that it allows the acceleration of the cheese making process. Whereas classic Brie takes eight weeks to make, Fromager d’Affinois can be made in two weeks. Ultrafiltration also results in a milk that retains more nutrients and proteins, and the cheese has a relatively high fat content of 60%.

The cheese is made in 4.4 pound wheels, and has a soft oozing texture inside with an edible white rind on the outside.

Source: Wikipedia

SO super creamy and delicious with the jam and honey on toasted baguette with some apples!!!  Raisins and sunflower seeds also came on the side… nom nom nom all which added texture, crunch and different varieties of chew and sweetness to go with the cheese.

Another amazing dinner.. and the ones coming up until I’m off to Taiwan are just as yummy – I’ve already booked my usual corner table til the end of November and I’m always ready for wine/food buddies to come with me :] So if you can get to the Natick area let me know.. Tuesdays at 7.


  1. […] I haven’t been to one in ages.  Or maybe it was with Kelly? I keep wanting to but end up being busy or away.  They still know me tho.. so this Tuesday I had my usual corner table waiting for me. […]


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