Room Service at the Sheraton [Flushing NY]

This past weekend was my bestie from college’s wedding… so it was roadtrip time to Flushing.  We headed down the day before so we could beat traffic and not have to worry about getting in on time on Saturday. It was a dreary and rainy day but aside from a little bit of traffic in the beginning we got there, after a few too many bathroom trips, at a decent time.

Reason for bathroom? Well this is one of them….

Road Wine.

Since it was rainy out and late and I’m a scaredy cat in areas like Flushing, we opted for room service instead of exploring. He got the Chicken Ceasar wrap, I got everything else.  We got to more drinking and the food came pretty fast… and it was YUMMY!!!!  And yes we ate on the bed, with more booze and yes that’s a bowl of jalapenos – obviously, it is ME we’re talking about here…

Caesar Salad

SOOOO cheesy and saucy.. Caesar is like the only salad I get without dressing on the side, cuz the more dressing on it the merrier.. hahah as with the cheese… MMM and I love it when they have the anchovies on top – they didn’t here sadly – but yay. Wish the croutons were big and crusty tho. they did get slightly soggy from the dressing…

His Chicken Caesar Wrap and spiced fries

Fries were mad good.. I had the regular salad so I didn’t steal any of his ;D

Cheese Pizza

It was super gooey and cheesy.. I think they listed this as a margherita but it wasn’t.. but still.. still yummy and gooey and derrrrrrrricious <3

Layered Caprese

Super fresh tomato slices and mozzarella slices yum yum yum

A yummy Bacon Cheeseburger :D

There was bacon and cheese.. and I think I asked for it rare.. maybe, I was quite.. not sober when I ordered the food – hence so much food hahaha  But it was good. I ate it without most of the top bun tho since I ate so much food anyways. MMMM…. And more spiced fries.. NOM!

Spicy Buffalo Wings

Mmmm carrots, celery and blue cheese dip… They were tiny but not bad… I was more focused on the rest on the food tho…

The next day was still kinda dreary so we spent the day drinking mimosas and getting food off the kiddie room service menu… pretty sure Jersey Shore and Teen Mom were involved as well.. as was Matrix triology and other movies on the tv. WORST TV REMOTE EVER BTW…

Our view of Flushing

Kiddie Menu Pre-Wedding Banquet Snack

His: Chicken Tenders & Fries

These were actually super good! The fries were totally straight from Mickey D’s… Skinny, hot and salty, YUM!  The tenders were crispity and delicious – not greasy at all thankfully :] TEEHEE… I ate the rest of his that he didn’t finish….

Hers: Chicken Cheese Sammy and Salad

It was sooo good and the chicken was cooked great.. the cheese was kinda rubbery and cooked into the bread and hardened so I ended up just eating the salad and the chicken….

Having some drinks before heading downstairs to the ballroom for the wedding…


Continue on here to read about the wedding [coming soon!]


  1. Looks delicious! Glad you had fun!


  2. haha, what the – next time you’re in Flushing, I’LL take you around!



  1. […] The other weekend, Saturday September 24 to be exact was my best guy friend’s wedding.  What this means?! Road trip to Asiatown :] There is nothing like an amazing chinese wedding/banquet!  It’s always a fun time, lots of booze and delicious food.  Yes, us Chinese are closet alcoholics, fatsos and pervs :] Not only did I have such a fun time roadtripping with my lifesize teddybear – oh I went there – we spent the whole rainy weekend indoors watching movies, tv, Jersey Shore marathon hahahahaha&#823… […]


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