Celebrating Mommy’s Bday the French way…

It was my beautiful Mommy’s birthday this past Friday [obviously she was turning sweet 26 hehe]…

She’s always been my number one foodie crime in partner with me ;D Even before I started eating/liking food

…ane/so I was planning to take her out to dinner Thursday night since I had a wedding to go to in Flushing for the weekend… – it was her choice… but change of events and I had to make a trip down to the Apple store to get my macbook fixed [again] stupid harddrive [again] so why not our favorite French resto in our area?! Sel de la Terre.  I’ve been so busy with life/work that I’ve missed the past few wine Tuesdays….

I’ve been wanting to try their new menu items anyways since I’ve only been going to their wine Tuesdays :]… We had the NICEST waiter who gave me the best wine recommendation AND also recognized us from Wine Tuesdays :D Woot!

Instead of a bread basket we got to choose our own :]

A delicious glass of French red thanks to my awesome waiter

2009 – Cabernet/Syrah “Puydeval” Vin de Pays d’Oc, France
This was delicious.. fruity, bold but not earthy at all.. so glad I went with this and not the Argentinian Malbec… it’s so nice when I get proven wrong.. especially since I’m usually not a fan of French reds :D

House made Duck Liver Terrine, Toasted Crostini, Whole Grain Mustard, Chutney

Silky smooth duck liver, soooo delicious.. a light sprinkle of salt  – I like it with a sprinkle of red onion and a tiny bit of chutney – love the sweet – if I don’t have some of the jelly with it. YUM!  I’m in LOVE with the brioche toasts.  So fluffy….

ASF Green Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes, Bacon Lardons, Comte, Basil-Parmesan Vinaigrette

Delicious greens, so herb-y and full of flavor, different kinds of leaves and greens YUM.. and tons of freshly cooked bacon all over.. the basil heavy vinaigrette was DELICIOUS – I’m not a huge dressing person, but I loved it!  Just made the salad that much more refreshing!

Long Island Duck Breast, Quinoa, Braised Greens, Beet Puree, Pickled Baby Beets

Cooked medium – mom was kinda scared of medium rare, which is usually what I get with duck – but still super fatty and moist and FULL of flavor, tender and the skin was cooked to a slight crisp – but still chewy and pliable  consistency, YUM!  I say it was still under a medium which I loved…  the quinoa seemed to be a little cheesy mustard grain tasting which made it a bit heavy… so I didn’t eat it with the duck.  The beet sauce and the pickled beets had a nice slight tang to it that cut thru the richness of the duck.  YUM!

Mussels with White Wine, Chorizo, Sweet 100 Tomatoes, Fennel, Garbanzo Beans and Cherry Pepper Broth

This was sooooo good… super fresh mussels and tons of delicious chunks of spicy chorizo and perfectly cooked garbanzo beans!!!  This was soooo good.. and the salty broth paired beautifully with the delicious broth the mussels were bathed in.

Steak Tartare, Dijon Vinaigrette, Truffle Aioli and Rosemary Pomme Frites

I haven’t had a good steak tartare in awhile.. and OMG even tho I’m not a huge aioli girl THIS TRUFFLE AIOLI was AMAZING.. the tartare itself was delicious by itself.  I had some on crostini and with the fries but mostly with a tiny dip of the aioli.  MMMMMM, truffle and raw meat <3  What more can a girl want?!

Happy Birthday Mommy, from me and Dior :]


  1. MMM Bacon, everything is better with bacon!



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