MFA: New American Café

MFA has a ton of new wings and eateries… including the New American Café smack dab in the center…. The natural lighting is beautiful and I love the open atmosphere… Here’s a pic I found of it on flickr :]

[Pic Source]

So much light from all the glass surrounding… and different wings all connecting to this area… it’s a great place to get some coffee and desserts, tea time or a nice quick lunch :] – or I guess a nice long leisurely one.  The only downfall was that you had to take an elevator downstairs to use the bathroom.. so far lol…

Ready to eat…

Glass of Pinot

Delicious chewy multi-grain seeds/nuts bread

Al Pastor Marinated Organic Chicken
Cuban Black Beans, Sweet Plantains, Salsa Verde

Super tender chicken – perfectly cooked atop a ton of yummy black beans.. crispity yummy plantains and a grilled lime… We got the three course prix fixe but they were out of the tuna ceviche so they gave us some sides to make up for it…..

Sauteed Asparagus & Marinated Tomato Salad

Delicious tender sauteed [lightly] asparagus – omg I had the worst asparagus pee for the rest of the day – and delicious tomato/shallot salad… jus lightly tossed in EVOO S&P and sprinkled with fresh herbs

Asian Salad with Mango Slices with Salmon

And since I’m a cow and need my extra veggies we also got a salad to split between us as well.. it was super refreshing and the salmon was perfectly cooked thru – I’m not a fan of undercooked salmon – unless I do it myself – cuz sometimes it comes out super fishy and the texture freaks me out since the insides get kind of mushy when down badly.

Churros con Chocolate
Chestnut Honey, Oange-Cinnamon SugarThese were freshly out of the fryer.. not greasy at all but superrrrrr yummy and melted in our mouths.. the dark chocolate dip was good but I LOOOVED the honey!!!!!  I ended up licking all the honey off the plate :] Honey monster.

After I finished my wine and my museum date finished off her coffee we walked off our lunch looking at the new wings/exhibits. YAY. Another fun relaxing day!!!

I can’t wait to come back again and grab a snack during my next trip to the MFA – which happens usually once every month or two. :]

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