This one’s gonna be a quickie since I’m way behind in posts…

So, the last time “Chunker” – he dubbed himself that, not me… he’s Chunker and I’m Chubby Bunny – and I were at Samba, we were just there for for lots of drinks… right before Harry Potter in 3d :]  In the midst of him catching up on… ALL the books before watching the final movie – he did good research – we talked about how he’s never had hibachi before.

 A little Japanese history on “hibachi” it actually means 火鉢  which is directly translated to “fire bowl”  It’s a traditional Japanese heating device and is an open topped container that is to hold burning charcoal.  BUT us Amerians use it to call the cooking stove/iron hot plate used in Teppanyaki.  It’s actually called “shichirin” aka 七輪 which is directly translated to “seven wheels” which refers to the “hibachi” aka small charcoal grill.

It’s getting chilly out so a little fur is necessary ;D

We started off with our usual Scorption Bowls.. they only have single ones here.. apparently they’re “banned” in Massachusetts now… but we love having the old fashioned HUGE burning ones from Lavendar. That’s for another blog….

We ordered what we wanted.. no sushi today just hibachi :] … which comes with shrimps starter and a salad…

His first time…
Me: “I thought it was a super white thing…”

Go go go go go

BTW, get the fried rice instead of white rice, I love fried rice at hibachi ;D Fun to watch them make anyways too…

The cook threw pieces of broccoli at everyone to catch and Chunker actually caught his second one in his mouth!!! Mine went in my shirt.. which is funny cuz the first lady who missed said she should’ve tried catching it with her boobs… yep, I did it.

(  ) * (  ) << boobs and broccoli

Excited with his chicken and sirloin

VOLCANO!!!! My favorite

Little boy pee pee out volcano hahahah

When our scorpion bowls were gone I was desperately thirsty… so I asked for a menu and “that martini with the sake and champagne and guava” yepppp the Pika-Pika :D My favorite…

And of course I got the Lobster & Filet [rare]

Nom nom nom nom nom in my belly :D


  1. J’ADORE your outfit! As usual :)


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