I love my Best Friend!!!… & Japanese Food, Pizza, Stoups – but hate *NStar

I’ve had NO power in my house since Saturday night… yes… Irene SERIOUSLY fucked me over. Excuse my language ;D  On Monday, I had a late start but ended up in the gym 1/2 hr away from my house to shower… first time in the gym in almost a year *fat* I worked out like a champ, sweated up a storm, almost passed out for being overenthusiastic and realized that all the hot water there was out too.. COLD SHOWER… womp womp. Good thing I was overheating, so I didn’t mind… I had a delicious dinner, was craving Korean so DABIN it was… and then continued on to more days of NO power…..

Teaser pic here…

Read real entry here :D

Yesterday I went to the gym to work out, shower – in cold water – and heated to the local Starbucks [by the gym, not my house, my whole town is shut down] to work… only to be frozen into a popsicle… really Starbucks?!.. does it have to be minus 10 degrees in there?!… not even my Venti extra hot Americanos were helping….PLUS  I woke up with the worst stomachache and it got worse and worse as the day went on.. the freezing cold didn’t help… so hot sake and soup was a must! No Wine Tuesday for today!!…

Some nice Nabemono – aka Japanese Hot Pot –  from Fugakyu Cafe helped, but it was SO overcrowded and the service was kinda slow… still super nice waiters tho and delicious food :] PER usual..

Large HOT Sake

Salmon Sashimi

So fresh, tender and melted in my mouth :D Always a must for me when getting sushi..

Ika Tobikko Ae

Raw squid coated in Tobikko & Topped with a Quail Egg

One of my favs!!! I love raw egg and raw squid MMMMM, so much fishieeeee eggies.. I’m a caviar monster :]


SO addicting.. I feel so white when I eat these for some weird reason… but at least it’s not that beef wrapped asparagus or whatever.. hahaha

Fugakyu Nabe…

Lobster, thinly sliced top prime rib, assorted fresh seafood & vegetables simmered in chicken broth.Served with sesame sauce & ponzu

It warmed me up and semi-helped with my tummyache I had had ALLLLL day :[ Ouch… MMMMMM I can never get enough lobster! Some of it didn’t look too fresh, me thinks it’s cuz of the blackout… they obviously were using their own backup generator since everything else in the town – except for CVS and Shaw’s is out.. and those places were on their own backup power too… so I didn’t have the baby corn or the scallops – which were STILL transparent after cooking for AGES!!!.. ew.. I asked for EXTRA enoki :D They looked a little limp but still YUM!

My absolute favorite thing to get here and I get it ALL the time unless I do takeout. Their Unaju eel rice dish and Katsu are SUPER good too… and curry :] But then I make pretty darn good curry… hehehe



So I gave in… and went to Katy’s today :] I didn’t give in like it was a bad thing, I just feel bad asking for help… she’s been telling me all week to just crash at her place, or at least shower there.. but we were planning a date today anyways.. so it worked out perfectly!!!!

What I saw as I left my street.. *jaw drops* are you EFFING KIDDING ME?!?!?

BUT I got to Katy’s.. freaked out cuz a worker was sitting on her stairs and I thought she wasn’t home – teehee – BUTTTT I got all of my work done PLUS she had the most delicious chicken stoup in her crockpot stewing away all day – SMELLED SO FREAKING GOOD!!!

The liner for the crockpot freaks me out… need to google NOW – it just doesn’t look safe.. I’m scared it’ll melt and I’ll eat plastic or have a weird fire.. I know it’s MADE for this but it’s still awkward. I refuse to advertise them on my website so no pics or names, but I’ll link to them if you’re interested… HMMM I need my own crockpot.

The chicken was cooked for so long that it just shredded apart, SOOOO GOOD… just chunks of celery, carrots – [LOTS] and delicious potatoes.. ya’ll know I’m not a HUUUGE tater person – except for fries and dirty mashed potatoes – even still I eat all the skin parts only – BUT I had nice three big chunks YUM! More on this later…

I brought over a nice white pinot grigio that I had bought up in Bar Harbor ME when I went there for Acadia – which I have posts that need to be written, maybe I’ll do some tonight – we had wine, chocolate covered oreos…

Watched TEEVEE… talked to driveway paver people – teehee to Irish accents ;] I have a soft spot for them… blasted some music and had a trip to Toys R Us….

I GOT A TWITTER DUCKIE NAMED DWEET.. and my ring bubble came out with TWO rings!!! YAY

and picked up some pizza and mozzarella sticks [Katy had a craving]

Not ours, but I didn’t take pics and had these in my food porn folder on my Mac… so YUM!!!….

Two bowls of Chicken Stoup with Saltines, a slice of Green Pepper, Mushroom, Onion pizza and two mozz sticks later – whilst watching H2O.. I love my KateMonkiie :D She feeds me OH SO WELL <3

MMM Josh Hartnett – I used to have the BIGGEST crush on him from The Faculty and this movie :D

…we ended the night with Hell’s Kitchen :] YAY. WHY THE HELL IS ELISE STILL THERE?!?!?!.. I wanted Elizabeth AND Elise GONE.. I miss Carrie, what a cutie pie :] TEEHEEEEEEEE…..

Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayzing day!!!… now onwards to catching up on posts!!!

Now I’ll end this post with a cute pic… Babies sleeping together while we watched TEEVEE…

I’ll be posting up Acadia posts [FINALLY] AND my YES, long awaited Vegas post, asap!!!!!


ps. FUDGE! I have a misquito bite on my head. I rain out in the storm Saturday night – don’t ask – and got EATEN ALIVE by misquitos.. apparently I got more today when we were all outside talking to pavers :P BOOOOO… okay end rant.


  1. You commented on my chicken soup! Awwww I now feel like a pro-chef cause you blogged about me :-D YAY!!!!!


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