Irene is angry…

So everyone should know by now that hurricane “Irene” has started her rage here on the East Coast and is heading up towards New England… many places have already been evacuated and my town has been on “emergency state” since noon today… okay I was bad and left the house around 2ish to buy some food from the local grocery store… it was PACKED and I nearly got demolished with all the crazy shoppers running around shopping for enough food and water to last them months, srsly! I ended up buying some freshly cooked lobster – they cook it for you – some clams for soup :] Salsa, balloons, some candy and wine :] HAHA… okay I ended up with a few more things but hey the important things need to be mentioned right?!.. I even bought some *gulp* MAYO for my mom. I’m not a fan of mayo but she wanted some for her sandwiches – she got ham and turkey and LOAVES of bread.. we’re supposed to have enough food and water for 3 day MAX, not like a month.. we bought like 48 bottles of water… maybe more?! No, srsly.. we did. OKAY. Point of this post is….

I ate 3 LARGE 2-3lb lobsters today…

20 Clams and Ginger/Clam Soup

A caprese salad [unpictured] with sprouts MMMMM….

And I really wanted these balloons but got the “mommy stare” from mommy.. :P

Be safe everyone – make sure to put everything inside. Be careful of trees, as of the last time I watched the news today I heard that there was 3 fatalities already more South from me….STAY SAFE!!!!!.. I’ll be tweeting a lot!!! <3

Gnawing on White Peaches, catching up on blog posts – yes yes VEGAS is ,almost, finally done!!! – and sipping on some yummy sake :]



  1. […] warmed me up and semi-helped with my tummyache I had had ALLLLL day :[ Ouch… MMMMMM I can never get enough lobster! Some of it didn't look too fresh, me thinks it's cuz of the blackout… they obviously were using […]


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