Day of Lilies and Thai Food at Ka-Noon

When I lived near Bedford there were two restaurants I would regularly visit…. Cafe Luigi’s… a delicious little Italian place and Lemon Tree Cafe, a Thai place, right across from it. In recent years, Lemon Tree Cafe had been going downhill… BUT… it was recently replaced by a new Thai restaurant, Ka-noon.

Last week I headed over to the Concord Unit of the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge to look at some lilies….

After walking around enjoying the views and nature… I was, soon, STARVING…. so we quickly headed over to Ka-Noon which wasn’t that far away

My Mai Tai

It was really light, not too sweet, but sort of weak-sauce alcohol wise :[ Boo!

Some hot tea… YUM!

Spring Rolls
Crispy Chicken and Vegetable Spring Rolls w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce

Super fresh and not greasy at all.. something about Thai and Viet spring rolls that are tiny and skinny and delicious.

Altho, as I’ll mention later with my chicken wings, I had chinese spring rolls last Friday….I have a pic but it’s definitely not the most attractive or even semi-normal pic ever.. hahaha so just imagine me with a huge spring roll spilling out of my mouth [all the innards came out of the fried wrapper part when I bit into it] SEXY I know, right?!

Summer Rolls
Delicate Rice Paper with Shrimp, mix Vegetables, Sweet Basil and Asian Angel Hair Noodles

My favorite :] I douse them in sriracha and prefer them with little to none noodles and just tons of fresh veggies.. in fact I miss my favorite Penn Station Sushi place that even has sweet potato in it… SOOO GOOD!!!!

Golden Wings
Crispy Chicken Wings w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce

I actually ordered these AFTER our entrees cuz I was still hungry but decided to place them with the other appetizers so I’d feel less fattie about it :] These were teeny tiny but SOOO juicy, perfectly fried and just delicious. I actually ended up having some wings in a PuPu platter – my second one I’ve ever eaten from in my life – on Friday night and these just killed them for me. These were SO good.. I burnt myself but YUM!

Som Tom
The Most Popular Papaya Salad w/ Shrimp and Peanuts w/ Thai Spicy Dressing

One of the best papaya salads that I’ve had that’s NOT homemade.  The sauce was still a bit too sweet for me and too much sauce but the balance of the proteins and veg and all that was really great… MMMMM….

Brown Rice

Fluffy and chewy :] How come my brown rice neve comes out this good?! They MUST put crack in it! YES!

Spicy Lemongrass Red Snapper
Lightly Crisp Red Snapper w/ Lemongrass, Shallot, Mint and Lettuce in Authentic Thai Spice and Sour Dressing

The snapper was really thin :T Which was kind of disappointing.. I had the shellfish mixture dish first so by the time I got to this it was slightly cold.. the sauce was way too salty and sweet so I had to eat it with tons of rice – not my favorite dish sadly.. I won’t order this again…. :T

Fisherman Spice
Shrimp, Scallops, Calamari, Mussels w/ Broccoli, Mushroom, Bell Peppers, Onion, Garlic and Lemongrass in Special House Sauce

Seriously the MOST tender scallops and calamari.. one of the mussels was a little off and looked really orange, but I still ate it hahaha #fattie… I LOOOVE shellfish medley dishes – um HELLO, Cioppinos and Bouillabaises being my favvvvvs :] The spice/heat could’ve been heavier and it would’ve been less salty but it was really really good :] MMMMM…

Take out: Sticky Rice w/ MangoI was going to eat this later on but realized that it was warm and amazing so I had it in the car… besides after the huge salt content of dinner I needed sugar to balance it out… the rice was SOOOO creamy and coconut-y AMAZING.. and the mango was SOOOOO sweet, perfectly ripe and just GORGEOUS… :]

Methinks it’s the same deal just a new name….. but then usually Thai places don’t go wrong… but it’s a great improvement from Lemon Tree’s downhill spiral from the past… :]  Definitely will be back again when I’m in the mood for Thai and in the area!!!


  1. Hey so its like 6:30 am and I was reading you blog. Man the Thai food look so good that I am now starving. Wounder If people in the house would mind if I start making curry this early? Anyway Loved it and the pics are agreat!!!


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