Craving Indian from Tamarind Bay

This Saturday I met up with D for some much needed satisfying of our Indian Cravings.. after going thru a list of different Indian places around town to hit up we finally decided on Tamarind Bay in Harvard Sq.  I used to live there a few years back when I first graduated college so I drove over a little earlier than planned and shopped and explored my old neighborhood :]

Creepy doll person

Cutest Star Wars figurines :D

I ended up buying way too much stuff from my fav store there, Black Ink and got some cute stuff from Urban Outfitters.. so after putting all the heavy bags into my car I headed over to get some drinks….

Some bubbles and other drinks at OM before dinner – D arrived soon after me… the bar was SOOO hot and humid, worse than outside…. yick… so soon after a drink or two we headed over across the street to our destination….

Tamarind Bay… I haven’t been here in two years and I remember it having the most delicious Tandoori Quail…

It’s one of my favorite Indian places in Boston…  and I’ve been to quite a few… altho there are some good ones near where I live… it’s kind of far away from normal civilization so I rarely tell people to drive all the way out here just for Indian.. PLUS I eat them all the time SOOOO.. it’s nice to change things up a bit :]

Some nice malbec we ordered…

Spicy Pickles and Sauces

The pickles were pretty…… NOT spicy but SUPER salty… it was like instant bloatation….. I felt bad saying anything bad about it to the waiter tho.. I was asking so many questions and talking so much to him I felt like I already gave him a headache hahahaha and he was SO nice especially when he offered the pickles LOL…

Shahi Naan – Coconut and other sweets in the bread :]

Soooo yummy :D

Bread Basket – Garlic Naan, Paratha, Roti

Lazaaz Tikka Masala
CHicken tikka masala garnished with capsicum, onions and tomatoes – extra spicy

Peshwari Chole
 Chickpeas cooked with ginger & onions in cilantro sauce

I asked for the chicken to be extra super spicy cuz I looooooove spicy food but it wasn’t at all :[ It had a small amount of heat but.. it was delicious anyways :]  The chickpeas were soooooo gooood… so addicted, and mixed together made an even yummier dish!!! NOM NOM NOM.. this paired with my favorite sweet shahi naan = joy joy….

Konkani Lobster
Lobster Tail pan seared served in Kokum Sauce

The lobster was really fresh and tender, and already chopped up for us.  The sauce was super creamy which I’m not a huge fan of usually… [dairy wise] but it was really good anyways … :D

We were there til quite late and the once super crowded restaurant started to wittle down… we decided on some dessert…. nice hot sticky balls.. yeah.. many jokes were made…

Julab Jamun

Not the best that I’ve had, the saue had a slight off-putting sour dairy taste to it… I also find Indian desserts usually to be way too sweet and overly floral tasting….

We each ate one ball.. well I ate like 3/4 of my ball and ended up playing with the leftovers.. haha

Dinner was delicious, so was the company and conversation :D Afterwards we headed over to John Harvard’s Brewery for more drinks and more talkage… somehow I made it home :] Good thing I cut myself off of alcohol around midnight hahaha…


  1. […] they were like SALT LICKS!!!! Reminded me of the “spicy pickles” from the other day at Tamarind Bay LOL… My parents ended up eating […]


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