Mikey turns 30 Surprise BBQ & Birthday Dinner @ Jimmy’s…

Katy’s Hubby Mike turned 30 the other weekend.  Sunday July 30 to be exact… but Katy was planning his Surprise Party for a few weeks now :] I had the honor of helping out!!!! I arrived early at noon and claimed to be helping her “paint” one of their rooms… basically a girls’ day… wine and paint :] Perfection.  Mike went with an In-Law to help cut down trees while us girls [me, Katy and her sisters] got to work with transporting food.. decorating… setting up, etc…

This was the theme:

AWWW look at the happy Birthday Boy :]

Katy setting up some stuff…

Lisa setting up the kiddie pool – which I ended up playing with the kids in and getting my a… butt, well my skirt, wet :]

The ever adorable Kelsi with Kitty :] — I have a good story about Kitty later :]


Family & Friends, mingling with the Birthday Boy

I made a salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, croutons and a delicious shaved aged parm… ;D We had burgers – the works of course.. mine having tomato, lettuce, ONION, tomato and cheese – hot dogs, pasta salad, cole slaw… TONS Of munchies… chips, etc…. no corn tho POO.. hehehe… and lots and lots and LOTS of alcohol [of course] Jenn and her boy even ended up going on a booze run partway thru [since I was the only one who brought wine.. and only one bottle.. OOPS, well one bottle white, one bottle “chocolate wine” YES, chocolate wine, which was DIVINE]

Baby Brian and the Birthday Cake…!!!


Okay, sometime between cake and presents I ended up slicing my thumb apart while cutting watermelon… we had half the watermelon that was “kid-friendly” and the other half which was “adults only” aka Tequila-ized…… ironically enough, I was cut by a knife from the set I bought Katy & Mike for the wedding ;D Har har…. bled thru a couple of band-aids… BUT.. I got fed by Katy and taken care of :] AWWW I love my loveys!!!

This is my gift for Mike.. my brother from another mother <3

Inside was an Elmo Potty Book, a Moxie Doll [Katy Mini-Me, since she’s coming with me to Vegas..] a funny “Grandma’s Dead” book.. which is postcards of baby animals to make you feel better about “bad things” that just happened.. like “sorry I didn’t wear a condom” HAHAHAHA….] a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush…. AND the most awesome music-playing Phineas & Ferb card :]

More gift opening!!!


After everyone left… Kate, Mike, Me &  had a fun night in… we were GOING to go out to eat but ultimately decided to have a booze/junk food/scary movie/board game night in :D Out came the tabooo [boys vs girls and us girls lost… BOOO…] and scrabble RUN to TARGET.. Yes!!! It was  around 10-11 pm and we went to target and liquor store for extra booze and board games.. also stocked up on Hello Kitty :] We ended up watching The Strangers, omg so creepy… and everyone was passing out on the couches!!!! HEE HEEE HEEEEE…

Yep… ended up getting home at almost 4am.. parents were.. quite the worried ;D But I was A-OKAY. Better to get home late than drive drunk right? :D

Next day.. I slept in… hung out with  for a bit :D And then headed over to Katy’s place for Mike’s birthday celebration #2 [the official day/night of!]…. as soon as I got there we realized Kitty was missing and found her in the bushes OUT SIDE!!! She had fallen out the window – but was saved by the bushes.. phew… but we still took her to the ER… this kitty :[ Poor kitty…

We were there for awhile.. eating free animal crackers.. hot chocolate, etc…. thankfully.. after all the tests kitty was sent home with some pain killers and rest and we continued on with going out to dinner to celebrate Mike’s bday :D

OFF TO JIMMY’s… we were slightly worried since it was almost 9.. we didn’t wanna be “those ppl” but no worries, a few groups came in AFTER us…

ps. Baby turkeys… SO CUTE!


Garden Salad :] So fresh, crunchy and yum! I got mine with Italian dressing on the side <3

Since it was so late, and a Sunday they were out of a lot of things already…. good thing they had delicious things still :] I finally got to try the delicious Pepsi that Mike talked about being “The Best” there.. and I got a yummy glass of Pinot Noir :]

Mike and his sticks.. his cheezy sticks <3

Mozzarella Sticks

With Marinara Dipping Sauce


Super cheesy and stretchy :D

And then the main entrees.. everything was SUPER FAST

Katy’s Stuffed Chicken Messina

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Stuffed with Italian Cheeses, Baby Spinach and Sundried Tomatoes, Topped with a Mushroom Marsala Sauce

This was actually one of my choices… sounded SOOOO good and reminded me of what Katy also got at her rehearsal dinner in Chatham at Pate’s… :D

Birthday Boy’s12oz Steak Teriyaki – House Speciality – USDA Steer Beef & Rice Pilaf

Apparently his go-to dinner :] — lunch is the Cheeseburger apparently, which was also one of my choices… hehehehe…

Kaylee’s Chicken Parmigiana

Boneless Breast of Chicken, Melted Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheese w/ Backed Potato and Garlic Bread

MMMMMM I’m SO addicted to melty cheese.. I almost picked it off :] But I JUST met Kaylee a few hours before so I thought it was bad manners ;D

My 9oz Filet Mignon

*RARE* – obviously – with Sauce Bordelaise w/ Veggies

Not really “RARE” but it was tasty….

THEN it was dessert and singing time. Katy was talking about how it was so late that there wouldn’t be enough singers… I said my mouth was big enough.. Kaylee added in that with us two we’d be covered.


We were loud :]


Mike’s yummmmmyyy Cheesecake with Strawberries

Of coursre, I stole a nibble.. sooo creamy, light, fluffy and SOOO GOOOOOOD :]

The girls’ Strawberry Shortcake :]
The biscuit was SOOOOOO good… still firm.. lots of delicious strawberries.. SOOO flavorful.. and just.. perfect biscuit flavor :] YUM!

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