A nibble for every year, at Toro…

I was born on August 3… so every August I go on a plethora of parties and booze and food :] The day of was actually a chill day…. I went grocery shopping, had the day off of work and had a light sushi lunch solo :] MMMMMM raw fish… happy happy tummy!!!

I never seem to be able to escape from this place. It’s like my love for very few restaurants, in which I’ll go to over and over and over again…… always seems like the first time, always relishing every bite, always good for any and every occasion, special, every day, any time. No matter how I feel or how my appetite it’s always a plus.

Toro. Since I’ve blogged about it over and over again, here are just a few mere highlights.

Thanks to him for taking me :] Even tho he was a bit, okay, really hungover from a huge conference he had just come back from hahahaha… but at least I got him to eat some of his ‘scary foods” like Foie Gras :]

Now just a quickie yummy re-cap… I need to get him to Toro again – he promised – to try more than a nibble of everything and then some :]

Octopus and … some sort of fish ceviche. I forgot, it’s a blur, a few drinks were had beforehand :]

Delicious. Tender.  Beautifully seasoned and amazing…. :]  I had gotten this since


Our waiter told me that if I didn’t like it it’d be on the house — BUT I just so happen to love a good liverwurst and this was quite delicious.  Although I still think Breslin had my favorite.

Pork Sausage on Lentils

This was fatty and delicious.  The sausage just popped in my mouth… Nibble nibble… the lentils underneath were cooked to perfection and very tasty – very well seasoned!!!

Serrano Jamon

Yep even got him to eat some of this :] As normal it is in my diet, not his :] It was cute, he ate his with a fork and knife… :D Teehee…. NOM NOM NOM, and then there was ME being super classy and just stuffing my face with the jamon with my fingers #classssyyyyy

Foie Gras

YES! He nibbled this and seemed to like it :] TEE HEE…  Hopefully.. darn silly alcohol and hangovers… wish he could’ve enjoyed it more!

Bone MarrowAmazing as usual :] MMMMM More bone marrow please!!!!…  It’s definitely still and most likely will always will be on my last meal list!!!  The toast and shredded beef that came with it was delectable as usual and just melted with a crunch – from the toast – in my mouth! NOM!

And last but not least… The Famous Corn….

Why do they always serve these last at Toro?!…  Anyways.. I gobbled up two cobs ASAP – even accidentally dropped one on my lap… for shame.. MMMMMM creamy delicious goodness and super sweet pop pop popping kernals of fresh cooked corn. NOM!

Obviously a few, many, more things were asked for…. steak, duck, pimientos [my always must!]

OKAY, next post, I promise, will be my post on Vegas :D I’ve been working on it on and off.. I’m slow.. but I think I’ve been catching up quite well. no?! :D


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