Sel de la Terre: Wine Tuesday – “New & Noteable”

Another oldie but a goodie. WOO!

November 30, 2010

Wine Tasting Dinner
“New & Noteable”


First Course: Duck Rillette with Whole Grain Mustard and Toasted Brioche

The brioche was soooo delicious and the rillete was super creamy and spreadable – yum!  I adore grainy mustard so having some was a must!!!

Paired with 2009 Benaza, Godello, Monterrei, Spain

Second Course: Sauteed PEI Mussels with Chorizo, Cherry Tomatoes and Garlic Crostini
Paired with Valentin Biachi, “New Age”, Sauvignon Blanc/Malvasia, Mendoza, Argentina

Super fresh and flavorful – perfectly cooked – mussels!!! YUMMMM!!!!  Lightly flavored and not overly salty from the chorizo!!!…soooo goood :] PLUS a crunchy garlicky crostini to sop and soak up the yummy juices!!!!

Main Course: Roast Pheasant with Apple-Cranberry Bread Pudding
Paired with 2009 Bielsa, “Vinas Viejas”, Grenacha, Campo de Borja, Spain

UMMM.. YUM!!!!… I rarely eat pheasant.. since I like never see it on the menu but this was SOOOo freaking tasty and juicy – it was like a chicken and a duck had a baby in the oven and came out with a yummy THIS! Savory, juicy, succulent, tender… OH MY HOLY!!!  The bread pudding was a delicious compliment to the bird..

Cheese Course: Garroxta, Spain
Paired with 2008 Alfredo Roca, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

No dessert this time tho since it was just the same pumpkin bread pudding… I think something was going on after the dinner too.. it’s a little blurry, I had most of my date’s wine too ;D

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