Sel de la Terre: Wine Tuesday – “Home for the Holidays”

* This post is long due… along with the next Wine Tuesday post…. but since I went to a new Wine Tuesday today I’ll be posting them up :] FINALLY!!!!

Sel de la Terre holds a Wine Tasting Dinner/Pairing every Tuesday… :] I’ve had the opportunity to go to a few… here are some favorites – obviously this next one was back last winter.. November 23, 2010!

Wine Tasting Dinner

Bread Basket.. not so sexy but delicious nonetheless…

First Course: Butternut Squash Soup with Apple Chutney and PEI Mussels

Slightly sweet and very tasty… I loved the apple with the squash… MMM.. I’m not a huge creamy soup person but I LOOOVED the spices and subtle flavors in this….. the mussels were a delicious touch. I LOOOOVE mussels!!! And I love all sorts of squash soups!!! so VOILA…. I love it!!!

Paired with 2009 Grandes Perrieres, Sancerre, Loire, France

Second Course: Sole Meuniere

Succulent, tender, fragile and creamy in the mouth. I love sole and the way this was cooked just melted on the tip of my tongue. Delicious… and of course the pairing was amazing as well.

Paired with 2008 Albert Mann, Pinot Blanc, Alsace, France

Rosemary Pomme Frites

I adore their pomme frites… thin, crispity, salty, full of flavor and not greasy at all. DELISH!

Main Course: Roast Free Range Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes and Sauce Chasseur
Paired with 2007 Quevira, Zinfindal, Dry Creek Valley, California

Super juicy chicken, roasted to pure perfection – dressed in a delicious sauce and made my stomach happy, all the way down :]

Cheese Course: Garroxta, Spain
Paired with 2005 Westport Riversm “Cuvee RJR”, Brut, Westport Massachusetts

Dessert Course: Apple Street Farm Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Pear Jam and Bourbon Sabayon
The best of all worlds and one of the best bread puddings I’ve had.. a delicious creamy sauce and topping it was a soft but not soggy pumpkin bread… MMMMM…. bread pudding always seems so heavy but this was happy – not too rich and delicious – okay so it was on the sweet side, but have you ever had a sweet bread pudding that wasn’t? LOVE!


  1. Sel de la Terre is one of our favorite restaurants. We take a lot of out of town guests there and they enjoy it as well.


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