Celebrating Daddy’s Day at Coach Grill

The other Sunday was Father’s Day… or in my words “Daddy’s Day” :] Cuz it’s the day to celebrate the dads!!!!  Growing up, I was a daddy’s little girl. My dad and I were super close up until we moved to Boston… then his job got super busy and he was out the door early and didn’t get back til late. BUT he always had time to help me with my homework – no matter how late or how tired he was.

I remember playing “Japanese Fighting” where we pretended to be ninjas.  I would get the crazy huge lego sets for Christmas and birthdays and he’d help me assemble them. I got my goofy humor from him… we have no shame and like to make lots of noise in public just to make my mom embarrassed – still do.

He was there caring about me when my health was at it’s worst and supportive as it got better… :]

And of course after every bad break-up

Me: “Daddy!!! Can I just live with you for the rest of my life?”
Him: “Even better!”

Oh daddy :] To the smartest best daddy I know!

In my family, the holiday that we’re celebrating, that person gets to pick. So birthdays and special days :] Coach Grill it is… it’s right by our house and delicious :] MMM who wouldn’t want a steak!!… well I guess my dad didn’t [haha] but I haven’t had a good steak in ages, it seems…

First a glass of wine for each of us [for me it was this times two… but then… daddy drank the rest of mine cuz I gottttssaaa tipsyyy!!! LOL]

Their delicious big round crusty bread!! It was piping hot and OH SO YUMMY!!! The inside was super fluffy and chewy :]

Calamari Milano

Grilled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic and Parmesan, Served with Basil Aioli

So super good, succulent, super fresh, tender and to this day my dad keeps talking about them.. they even had a nice heat/spice to them… which I LOVE and daddy usually doesn’t like – but he did. SO getting this again, and again and AGAIN!!!

Chilled Lobster with Mustard sauce

Tender, fresh, delish!!!!… My dad goes “Wait it’s cold lobster” which I answered “Yes dad, it’s chilled lobster”.. so good.. I just ate it with tabasco but the mustard sauce was nice and tangy!!!

Mommy’s Kansas City Bone-In Sirloin.. Medium

She adored it and she and daddy DEMOLISHED it!!!… They don’t like too rare meat… so they loved it and cooked to, their, perfection.

My Bone-In FIlet Mignon… Extra Rare [of course]

Super rare and just on the verge of black and blue, LOVE LOVE LOVE.. Coach Grill never fails to amaze me when it comes to cooing my steaks to perfection… [just wish they’d bring back my fav appetizer, clams with tomatoes, arugula and wine……

Daddy’s Fresh Salmon Fillet

Wood Grilled and Served with Asparagus

Side: Sauteed Mushrooms

Mommy’s favorite side dish…. :] A nice mix of delicious mushrooms.. sauteed to perfection… super flavorful and YUMMYYYYYY!!!!

Side: Steamed Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce
PERFECT! I love asparagus… asparagus pee and all :] TEE HEE… so I love this, I always get hollandaise sauce on the side cause I hate things getting over sauced.. I think a nice dip and saucing it yourself to YOUR liking is the best way to eat things…. same with the next side….

Side: Steamed Broccoli with Hollandaise Sauce

Which I would like to add, who hollandaises broccoli? Nevertheless.. it’s my favorite side here and at Legal Sea Foods :D

I told daddy to start smiling in the pics but he said “I am!” but he wasn’t POOPIEEE!!!

Aside from dinner, I got him a tie & a super awesome tie clip :D

Thanks for everything Daddy-o :D

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  1. Pops doesn’t look too happy….



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