Rehearsal Dinner at Pate’s

Following the last post, we finally got into our suite, well the Bride & Groom’s, at the Chatham Bars Inn.. M changed in the other room [yep we had a living room in the suite] while the girls freshened up and changed in the main bedroom.

First, look at how gorgeous this suite was:

— Our View —

The ladies relaxing on the deck overlooking the gorgeous beach – yep even though it was chilly we ended up spending the night and the next day running in and out :] Especially since we had TWO doors that led out to it…

The cutie patootie Bride to Be

Ready for Rehearsals…

The only picture I got of AFTER the rehearsals on the lawn… it’s sideways and I keep changing it but it’s being stubborn SO DEAL WITH IT.. I am.. besides, it’s not the important food part — but look at how green and lush the place is :D

Yeah, officially need to stalk peoples out for pictures of the rehearsals :D

…. “Oh I forgot I got the girls” Yes yes Daddy Mike forgot he had to take all us girls to the restaurant… hahaha… so off to get some FINE FINE YUMMY STEAK!!  The family had Pate’s booked for the Rehearsal Dinner… YUM! Great Choice.. just a few minutes drive from the Chatham Bars Inn too :D Supposedly one of the best places in the area for a good steak!

Yeah, I’m pretty much in love with the El Toro logo… okay it’s a cow, but I like calling it El Toro cuz it makes me feel spiffy cool :D  This place has been open since 1957 and is a seasonal restaurant [I mean hello, it IS Cape Cod, vacationmania] so go if you’re ever in the area.. during on-season!

El Toro El Torooooo MOOOOOOOOOO

J announcing that she was hungry with me chiming in… pretty sure we all were… but J always finds a way to make me laugh :]

The Bride-To-Be, also known as K, with her signature Strawberry Daquiris :] Pretty sure it was this and at least times two later on…. I on the other hand had a few glasses of prosecco after a glass or two of Pinot Noir… methinks… figures right? After a few drinks and they’re all the same… JK :D I’m not THAT LUSH-ious…

The breaaaaad… warm and yum… a regular and of course a “healthy” wheat one :] Both were instantly torn into and eated up. Yep. SMOOOOOOTHERING of butter – which I tried to soften over a wimpy candle hahahaha…

K’s Caesar Salad [her fav] altho still ‘not as good as Panera’s] hehehehe…but do you see what I see? Those aren’t crushed croutons.. they’re freaking BACON PIECES…

My Tossed Garden Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette… a lot of the others who got the Garden Salad got it with their Signature Creamy House Garlic Dressing… This was such a tease, just made me hungrier.. and we were all jealous of the delicious cheese and BACON covering the caesar… DOOD! Why didn’t they say BACON CAESAR?!!?!

Out of the three entrees me, C and K all got different ones so we all shared bites!!!!

C’s New York Sirloin Steak.. and a side of Baked Stuffed Potatoe… stuffed with the works! And carrots :]

Really tender and cooked nicely.  Very flavorful and I can see why they’re known for their yummy steak. In fact, I wish I had gotten a pic of their awesome grill that is out in the open near the front of the restaurant.. hold on *pause* let me google.

Stolen from their site and stretched out… hahahaha

Ok, back to the foods… K got the Boneless Baked Stuffed Chicken Breast that came with a side of Rice Pilaf. NOM!

Look at that juicy chicken. It was super super tender, perfectly cooked and SO FREAKING JUICY!!! Especially for chicken breast… it was stuffed with a delicious concoction of spinach and mozzarella.. MMMMM…. SOOO GOOOD.. there was still skin on so it had that nice fatty element [which is probably why the breast stayed so moist!]

And then, of course, my dish.  Swordfish.. side of carrots and a Baked Potato. YUM.
The swordfish was also cooked to perfection – I love proteins in all it’s simple glory.  Swordfish tend to get overcooked so I was slightly hesitant, but this was soft, flakey and just delicious – ALL OF IT IN MY BELLY!!! As was the baked potato. CONFESSION: I love eating baked potato skin – so hopefully it was clean hahahaha….

And then for dessert….

Hot Chocolate Molten Cake

J looking sexy eating her cake

And then it was gift tiiiiiimeee

Some of the groomsmen and their mugs

And some of the bridesmaids with their swag bags and matching Wedding FlipFlops

Sunnies, Towels, Flipflops, Pens, etc :D And super cute monogrammed totes!!!

After a lonnng day and a great dinner.. which ran “late” hahaha which was actually really early for me but felt SOOO late since we’ve been up and about all day — we went back to the suite, put on our pjs, took off our makeup.. popped open some SkinnyGirl Margaritas ;] … and ORDERED ROOM SERVICE.Of course, why not, I’m alway hungry ;] K, C and I were in the suite for the night but J and L popped on by to gossip and giggle with us. More on that.. NEXT :D


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