Unforgettable — Alinea

How do I even begin to explain my experience at Alinea…  It has been on my Ultimate Restaurants to go to since I first heard about it.  Being one of the Top Restaurants in the world, and located in Chicago the timing of going and getting a table there was very limited for me.  This is truly one of the most amazing memorable delicious moments tantalizing every sense and creating something far more grand than the overused “Umami”… Visually sexy, teasingly delicious… some of the best service I’ve ever received and a beautiful modern atmosphere.

Last year, I planned a trip to Chicago for Baconfest, which I go to every year, and Z said that he’d love to accompany me.  This dinner was actually booked more than a month or two in advance, and we had been talking about this since the end of November and early December of last year.  We’ve eaten a plethora of delicious food together but nothing can ever compare to this night.

Trying to pinpoint each dish to the description was so hard for me.. from the wine pairings to each delicate flavor, texture and aroma… all I can leave you with is the visual experience and some commentary from myself.  I’ve written multiple entries trying to describe everything but it all comes down to – you need to try it for yourself.

This oyster leaf will forever be imprinted in my brain.  This oyster leaf, YES, actually tasted like a delicious raw oyster. Completely mind-boggling… all the flavor but none of the goopy mess or texture – just a nice simple delicate leaf.

This was the halibut dish and was SO visually appealing.  I loved the white on white…  everything reminded me of a beautiful snowed in morning.  From flavors like black pepper and coffee which is SO not “white” colored… this was delicious and surprised me with every bite.

A one bite of black truffle dumpling explosion. Orgasmic.

This dish was called snow.  Beautiful isn’t it? Something so simple yet BURSTING with yuzu flavor.

And then came the most amazing part of the night – wait is that even possible?  Chef Grant Achatz came out to presend the dessert to us.

The most beautiful display and work of art EVER.  You don’t get this anywhere else but here at Alinea. Breathtaking and SOOOOOO delicious.

Thanks for sharing this experience and amazing meal with me, Z.

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