For the love of Coconuts….

The first time I had my first real coconut was when I was in elementary school.. I think it was 1st grade.  My parents and I lived in an apartment near NMSU where my dad was working and I found my first coconut at the grocery store.

To make the story short… it took forever to get a hole in the coconut and when we finally did – it was DRY!!! A dried out coconut.

Now, like most kids, I didn’t like the coconut chocolates. I’m not really sure why, they tasted great, I secretly loved them – but went along with the other kids saying “ewwww” but actually loving it when I picked “the wrong chocolate” out of the box.

Forrest Gump said that ‘like is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’.. don’t think this applies to me as much since I’ve never met a chocolate I didn’t like.  But then again, that might explain my optimistic approach to life.

Ok. Fast forward. While I’ve always loved coconuts, I never got to FULLY experience a WHOLE coconut, sweet juice and meat and all until… ’09 I think? Spring ’09…. a trip to Haiti.  A cruise actually… probably still a bit drunk, really hungover I partook in a water tour of the island and on that boat they served whole coconuts with rum in it.  Still drunk from the night before, I opted out of the rum and instead asked for a pocket knife.  After drinking the sweet delicious cold nectar inside… I slowly sliced off the meat and enjoyed it while I cruised around the island taking in the sun and the nice breeze.

Coconuts what an amazing, rich, delicious and refreshing snack.

Ok, maybe a WHOLE coconut was a little overboard but hey… :] Ya’ll should know how I roll by now… Go all the way or go home ;D

Hey, isn’t coconut water supposed to be a good cure for hangovers? No wonder I felt so much better after…. hahaha

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