To Fall in Love….

What is it like to taste, touch, experience this sort of love for the first time?… I’m not talking about a relationship with another human being… but with Uni. My love affair with sea urchin. While I’ve had it before, it wasn’t much more than a simple novelty to me.  I had only had it as sushi and didn’t truly appreciate it for what it was – the texture, the flavor, how fresh it has to be and the subtle pleasure of it sliding into your mouth and down your throat.  When I fell in love, it went from simple deliciousness to pure pleasure… a satisfying moment that completely changed my life.

Spring of 2008. Lan.

Fresh, homemade tofu with uni & mushrooms.  Light Fresh uni. Orgasmically amazing uni.

And of course uni with caviar. Delicious salty popping caviar atop the creammmmmmy sea urchin roe.

Maybe it’s not really love.  Maybe it’s just an everlasting infatuation… i don’t necessarily crave this every day, anytime of the day — but when I do want it, or when I do have it, I’m completely devoted and throw myself into it.  Divine.. heavenly.. sinful… creamy… flavorful… amazing…. So memorable. Breathtaking. This forever will haunt my life – this exact moment – This is what made me fall in love with Uni.

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