To Hawaii and back… only on AA

With a flight at 730 in the morning I was up at 430 finishing up packing, showering and getting ready to get down and dirty… we left the apartment around 530 to head off to Newark.

BORING.. Continental Brekky… just some Corn Flakes, Milk, Yogurt and Fruit…

OH and of course a warm piping hot buttery biscuit… me and Z both had two :D YUM!

Ok Confession!!!!!!… After getting into O’Hare – Chicago we ended up at Macaroni Grill….

I got a veggie frittata

And Z waited 15 minutes til 11 o get the spaghetti and meatballs…. remember our most recent meatball/pasta fail?  Sad. I need meatball night again :]

I bought us some books to read on the plane… I got Beautiful Boy which is super similar to Come Back – so much so that the only difference is that Beautiful Boy is a a dad talking about his son, whereas the other book, the one I originally had read, was about a mother telling the story of her daughter.  But the stories are SO similar…

He quit sex to Farmville #facebook

Tropical Mixed Nuts

Salad of Greens, Daikon Radish with Greek vinaigrette

Z chose the Asian Ginger dressing which I didn’t like – the Greek vinaigrette was soooo good and had feta cheese in it – at least the essence of ;]

Hawaiian Sweet Bread

It tasted like a sweet potato roll :] YUM!

Teriyaki Beef Fillet with Grilled Pineapple on Basmati Rice and Ginger Cilantro Pesto

The broccolini was WAY overmushed, not even overcooked, just overmushed… and my steak tasted a bit off/gamey to me. It was SUPER overcooked as well :[ #sadface.  I didn’t end up eating mine and I tried to see if I could get a mushroom sauce cheese ravioli instead but the stewardess said NO :[

And then came the Ice Cream Sundaes
Mine: Coffee Cream, Hot Fudge and Nuts

His: The works, berry sauce, hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts

Fruit and Cheese plate.. the cheese was good :]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After the most AMAZING week in Hawaii.. okay fine, 5 days? We were heading back.. after a morning of tanning and brunch at Cheeseburger – we were back at the airport by Sunday night, except first we were in our hotel room – late check out – taking shots of patron [we had to finish the bottle] BUT YES after the patron we were ready to head back to the Mainland.. via Chicago. With leftover musubis in my bag hehe…

more Tropical Mixed Nuts.. mmm pineapple

We both got the Macadamia Crusted Chicken…

The other dish was just some boring ravioli :P Lame.  Although it did look like a HUUUUGE bowl of it… and smelled good.. but I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken. SUPER tender and full of flavor. OMG… AA you are NOT disappointing at ALL! … somehow the asparagus salad that came before got lost in pictures OOPS.. but it was good and I got it with a different asian dressing… although I ended up liking Z’s caesar better :D More cheesy taste hehehe….

Once again, great meals… [minus the beef] and I LOVE THE SUNDAES :D Mwahahahaha… #fattie


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