Mopeds, Fish Tacos and Dinner at Beachhouse

After a crazy day of renting moped, driving around Hawaii [YEP, I drove it an hour East of Waikiki and then back…] and getitng caught in the FREEZING rain on the way back…

wait for it wait for it…

My cute little toot toot moped which Z let me drive :D


We had fish tacos, chips, salsa & guac from the Wahoo Taco Truck down by one of the beaches…

And shared a coconut for some thirst-age…

We were hoping that it’d be a refreshing cold coconut but it was room temp :T Kinda lame, but it tasted great…!!!

We came back, took a shower and got ready for our last night out in Honolulu…

It was hard to chose what to do on our final night… the first place we wanted to eat at was completely booked for the night, and the weather was just really bad to go to Paradise Cove for a luau……. We had reservations at Roy’s.. but ultimtely ended up going to the Moana for a drink and staying there for dinner at Beachhouse.. as much as Chef Roy Yamaguchi is super famous…. we can’t help but be slightly biased of the “chain” of restaurants all over the place.

The Moana Surfrider [a Westin Resort/Spa] is a GORGEOUS hotel and super old school – it was the first hotel to open on Honolulu and it still looks exactly the same as it did then as it does now. GORGEOUS!

We didn’t have reservations so we had to wait an hour or so to get a seat – which isn’t too bad. It was kind of odd since there were tables that were just not getting sitted… satted? Sat in? Sitted in… hahahahah…. SET. Ok whatever.. but still… and even AFTER we got seated were the tables finally filled [even though the hostess said they were taken for, LIES! Hahahaha…]

Anyways, while we waited… we looked around the shops and art gallery in the hotel and we took pictures.. lots and lots of pictures [yeah and I bought more stuff.. obviously.. TURTLE EARRINGS!!!]

We ended up sitting at the bar having drinks and chitchatting with the bartender and each other!!! :D

Our view from the table….

Delicious rose champagne :D

Creamy Butter with a touch of Pink Sea Salt

Z caught me in a moment….

Ocean Raw Bar for Two
assortment of fresh seafood including northwest oysters, king crab, lobster tail, yellow-tail sashimi, ahi sashimi and tiger prawns accompanied with mango cocktail sauce, wasabi shoyu, and an asian mignonette served on a bed of ice

It was alright. Plain. Simple. Fresh. But nothing amazing about it – it’s definitely not the most delicious seafood I’ve had…  The oysters were HUGE and the sashimi was super fresh… I also didn’t like how they seemed a bit stingy on the portios… haha… usually they don’t give that little :P  Irregardless… still good…

Lomi Lomi Salmon
House cured Salmon Garnished with Truffled crème fraiche and caviar

OK get this. The chef actually let the dish come out even though they ran OUT of caviar and the server didn’t even TELL us that.  It wasn’t until I was like “UMMM… isn’t there supposed to be caviar?” to Z that we asked the manager and the manager, didn’t even apologize, just said OH we ran out and later took it away. We didn’t want it… our waiter suggested a replacement but we decided to just skip it.  The fish was meh.. like bland smoked salmon…. definitely needed the caviar.. and of course, more truffles creme fraiche…. The toast points were SO buttery and delicious though. Crispy and melt-in-your-mouth.

Steak Tartare
Rich Wagyu Beef alongside Brioche Toast, garnished with Whole Grain Mustard and Capers
The tartare was ground a bit too fine for our liking… thankfully, the tartare wasn’t too salty but it definitely needed a little more oomph to it.. capers perhaps? Instead of a whole caper berry on top… like I said about the Lomi Lomi toast points, these were SO delicious. It was alright….. Nothing too special… so far the appetizers were just subpar… at least the view and the decor was gorgeous…

Z let me choose the bottle of wine so I went with a delicious Spanish Red… Mas de Can Blau

So fruity and amazing!!! It was SUCH an amazing bottle of wine :] I must find it again….

Moyer Farms Bone-in 20 oz RibEye

Cooked to perfection, Black & Blue just the way we love it!!!  The outside was the most delicious crust of a sear and the inside was niceeee and rawwww!!!  And who doesn’t love a good bone.  Bone-in steaks are always preferred :]

Catch of the Day: Pan-Seared Opah

Tasted like a light Salmon or an Arctic Char… delicious. I’m glad I got the sauce on the side.. I find that restaurants always over sauce dishes…. this sat on top of the creamiest most delicious garlicky mashed potatoes.. I couldnt’ stop eating it… and of course some delicious asparagus!!!! White + Green :D YUM! The outside was crisp and the inside was SO SO tender….

Coconut Lemon Haupia cake
Chocolate marble straws with lemon verbena sauce
This was SO delicious. SOOOOOO much fresh coconut all over the cake OMG I couldn’t stop eating it. I ended up eating off all of the coconut around it :] Hahahah…. #fattie. Nothing like some really really good coconut.

A delicious last dinner [despite a slow start with the appetizers] in Waikiki.. afterwards we headed out to the famous Yardhouse for a few drinks. It was a long exhausting day so we hit the hay soon after… I’m lame.. :D But Yardhouse was no Senor Frogs like we went to on Cinco de Mayo.. which I’m about to post about after this :D WEEEEEEE

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