Iyasume Musubi, the search ends for Spam in Waikiki

After a long search for Spam… which is actually HARDER than you’d imagine in Hawaii, we found Spam Musubi at Iyasume Musubi…. we had seen “spam” on the Ono’s menu but we wanted musubi… — MOO-SOO-BEE — In a small alleyway behind the Hyatt Hotel [around King’s Village] WE FOUND IT!!!! — double thanks to @bnbutterscotch for the heads up :D We came the day before but it was already closed [opens at 6am but closes at like 8pm] so we were up and early for a breakfast of spam musubi the next day!

Look at all of the options on the menu *jaw drops*

And of course we had to hit up the bacon & egg one!!!

I ended up buying one of the shirts :D So cute!! Musubi head!

Memorabilia all over the walls.. including Obama!

Obama was here :D

We ordered and grabbed a table [there are only two inside and one outside] and thankfully we got there early because it got crowded really soon after…. basically right behind us.  Everything is freshly made to order in the back [aside from the stuff you buy from the front] so it took awhile to come out – but SO worth the wait!

Beef Bowl, Curry Bowl, Spam Musubis

The curry was delicious. And even though it’s just like the out of the box curry that I like to make at home – delicious… just wish there was more than a piece of chicken in it.. but didn’t matter because the rice was sticky but still separate. Perfect japanese rice.

Sweet Beef Bowl, up close

The beef was fatty and a little on the sweet side for me… but very tender.. and the rice, oh man I love the rice.

Musubis: Spam Ume [Plum], Spam, Spam Egg & Bacon, Spam Egg & Cucumber

While I loved the sweet tart plum with the musubi.. and as much as I adore bacon [which was a little soft] the cucumber was my favorite.

Fluffy grains of rice… the crunch salty nori… salty hammy spam, the creamy soft egg and the crunch of the fresh crisp cucumber. AMAZING!

Basically this is the first time I’ve had spam. I think I had a piece before a few years ago in some homemade Korean dish/stirfry but that’s about it. Spam has always kind of scared me, but this was SO tasty.. I’m not a ham girl, but I must say… I’m digging the salty ham in can ;D SHHH!!!

Me and Musubi Heads are twins… aren’t we? Hahaha… too funny!!!! I want to steal it home!!

We bought 6 more musubis to go… all spam… :D

Then we shopped around King’s Villa… Village? I thought it was village..whichever.. it was like a little Japan town with tons of touristy stores and a really cool 50s diner selling antiques [like old coke bottles and old barbies!!!]

Molesting the soldier… I’m just a really inappropriate person *for shame*

Spare $ 4 Pot



  1. Hey thanks for the mention in your awesome adventure post! I am glad that I was able to lead you in the right direction! It looked like you had an awesome time! I hope that it tasted as good as it looked!
    Keep the adventures going and keep us all posted!
    Thanks :D


  2. Jeanne L says:

    I ate at that same place for musubis, and also brought extras on the plane!!

    Also, all of the ABC stores there had spam (and I think salmon or tuna) musubis – though not as good.



  1. […] we were originally supposed to go to Iyasume next door for Musubi…. but it was already closed.. we had dinner at 10 at Sansei but was […]


  2. […] the bottle] BUT YES after the patron we were ready to head back to the Mainland.. via Chicago. With leftover musubis in my bag […]


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