After a long trip back from Hawaii…. we got back to NYC at 9-10ish in the morning…. I spent most of the night wide awake [thanks jetlag] So after crashing as soon as I get to the apt, I awoke hungry and ready for a good dinner… quick and easy.  Z and I were thinking of takeout at first but the weather was just SO beautiful that I really wanted to take a nice walk to the Seaport to grab some Italian.  After a week of Hawaii, I wanted some pasta and nice Italian – I need my carbs

The last time we were at the Seaport for dinner we were between two Italian restaurants…. Barbarini and il Brigante… last time we went to il Brigante so I immediately booked a table for Barbarini!

Wine, Bread, EVOO

… and we had Balsamic Vinegar and a thick honey tasting reduced Balsamic Vinegar as well….

Lobster Frisee Salad with Black Truffles

Super fresh chunks of steamed lobster… lots of shaved black truffle – super fragrant, but not overpowering!!!… and a delicious light salad of frisee..

Buffalo Mozzarella with Truffles
See those speckles of black in the cheese?  Those are the truffles… slightly tart, creamy but not super creamy – definitely tastes homemade and almost a slight gaminess to it. Delicious. It balanced perfectly with the sweet juicy cherry tomatoes and the bitter crisp arugula.

Then came our main courses…

Homemade Fettucine with Rabbit Ragu

So technically the dish was supposed to be pappardelle but they messed up and gave us the fettucine.  I didn’t care because the fettucine was homemade and the pappardelle wasn’t.  The pasta was a bit undercooked and the rabbit, while delicious, tender and just amazing, wasn’t a ragu.  When I think ragu, I think saucy.  This was a bit dry and lacking a little acidity to it.  It was good, and we added a lot of extra cheese and hot pepper flakes to it but it just wasn’t doing it for me… so we ordered another pasta… a no-brainer… [you’ll see what after the next dish]

Oven Roasted Orata

This was DELICIOUS.  Orata is this flat fish, super tender meat… full of ocean flavors… just  simple roast of s&p and evoo… OMG, amazing and SO FRESH.  Wait did I say super tender and fresh yet? SUPER TENDER AND FRESH!

Side of Veggies

The veggies that were roasted with the fish — I loooove zucchini and summer squash… nom nom nom… :D Don’t those potato wedges look like lemon slices? Hahaha….

Since we ordered the pasta late.. we waited a bit, drinking the wine and then it finally came…

Spaghetti Carbonara

Like the last pasta, it needed oomph… but was definitely creamy….missing some sort of acid or heat.. .so I added a ton of freshly cracked black pepper and red hot chili flakes to it.  The guanciale was thick, fatty and delicious.

Example of what the final product of my science experiment looked like on my plate:

I ended up buying some rainbow pasta and some chocolate chip animal crackers [Italian kind of course] at the market in the restaurnt… or is the restaurant inside the market? Nevertheless… that was dessert… of course after we shared a bottle of wine at Bin 220 right across the street :D

Great night!!!

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