Piggies and Beans… the Best Brunch Ever

“Can you take us to the Bean?”
“Which one?”

We’ll get back to that a bit later…

What can I say? Publican is king <3 Everytime I think of Publican I think of pork rinds, the other way around as well ;D


Left: Mimosa, Pascual Toso Brut [Argentina] w/ fresh squeezed OJ
Right: Publican “Mimosa”, Berliner Style Weiss [Germany] w/ fresh squeezed OJ

Spicy Pork Rinds round #1

I remember having these awhile back at the James Beard event/dinner here at Publican – freaking life changing. Cheesy, spicy crunchy super fresh, crispy and not at all greasy pork rinds! They were hot and so addictive we finished them so fast we ordered a round two.. what can I say?! It’s how we roll…

Buttermilk Biscuit w/ Honey Butter & Peach Jam

My only gripe was that I wish it was piping hot… some gravy and fried chicken would’ve been a delicious edition… flakey yumminess….

Chicken Schnitzel, Fried Eggs & this Scallion Relish
This just may be one of the most delicious schnitzels I’ve ever had. Sorry Schnitzel & Things I’m cheating on you… this was fried to perfection, crispy, pounded thin… not greasy at all and just SO full of juicy tender flavor. There was a scallion/garlicky relish on top which made it very asian-y [to me]  The eggs were fried to perfection, the schnitzel was SO good with the yolk dripping all over it… thick crusty crunchy perfectly grilled toast tasted even bette than it looked :D We actually ordered the Monsieur Croque but SO glad we changed it to this <3

Bouchet Mussels w/ Gueuze, Bay, Celery, Butter & Garlic
We ordered the half portion. Light, fragrant mussels.  It was off balanced compared to the rest of our flavor heavy meal – but delicious none the less.. PLUS you get a whole baguette, which is always awesome.

Maple Syrup Braised Publican Bacon

Some of the most amazing bacon I have ever had… and I’ve had a lot of bacon [Baconfest 2010 and 2011 anyone?] Thick and dripping in maple flavor…. only place in competition is Resto’s :D

Spicy Pork Rinds round #2

SEE!!! I told you we got more :D I have to admit, I ate most of both *blush*

Hash Browns

Z devoured them :D Nom nom nom nom style…

Red Wine Poached Egg w/ La Quercia Prosciutto, Sourdough and Bearnaise

We actually sent back our first plate, the eggs were overcooked – the yolk was still soft, but solid *sad face* but the waiter was SO kind and immediately brought out a new plate for us – score. The red wine gave a nice pretty color on the egg and had a fruity delicious subtle red wine flavor. I’m not a sauce girl but the sauce was amazing… it came with really really delicious prosciutto. and fresh greens on the side.

Bloody Mary – Tito’s Vodka [Austin, TX] Publican Mix, House Made Celery Bitters….. Sweet pickles, Pickled Red OnionsAccompanied with a beer…

The bloodys were delicious and came with a mini cup of beer.. I chose the lightest beer while Z opted for a slightly darker one – both delish!

Afterwards we went to the Bean, and yes there’s still only one :D

Til next time Chitown, it’s been fun.



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