T is for Tuesday and Takashi but not Four Loko

When I say Takashi, you think of???…. First Stomachs, Second Stomachs…. Hearts, Livers, Tongues, etc :D For the longest time I’ve been hearing Z talk about this place. Nom nom nom, and this kobe beef uni sashimi appetizer. SO. It only seemed normal that we finally make it out here to this cute little bbq eatery.

We were offered a place at the bar but I refused to NOT sit at the table. Hahaha, so we got a table ;D

This weird suction thingie for the grill freaked me out, it also bothered me because when you start grilling, they pull it down [I guess to suck the hot air out – still hot tho] AND if you sit in the middle facing each other, you can’t see each other’s faces. So I ended up sitting diagonally so I could actually SEE Z’s face while we talked. FAIL!

Free munchies while we BROOOOOOOOOWSED the menu
Cabbage “salad”, Peanut Bean Sprouts, Kimchi

Best part of the menu:
Korean Soju “Not for the faint of heart” Seriously? I must have a strong heart then. I love soju. But HELLO, Japanese eatery, we got creamy unfiltered sake :D And I kept getting flower petals in mine….

I loved that it was “pick your cup” – I was confused between this pink one and a sparkly crystal one, but of course PINK FTW!

(flash-boiled shredded achilles tendon)

The tendon was cut into too small of bites and was super crunchy. It was good but I like chewy soft large pieces of tendon. The flavors were great but the texture wasn’t my favorite – especially since they were so hard to pick up with my chopsticks. It was like eating tendon rice.


(thinly-sliced chuck eye tartare in special sauce)

I’ve been craving a good tartare and this was delicious. DEEERRRICIOUS as a fob would say [cough* the girls sitting next to us aka FOB CENTRAL] ANYWAYS. This was sooo clean tasting and I loved the size and texture of the beef. AMAZING. Light and just, FLUFFFYYYY okay, not fluffy as in “fluffy” but fluffy as in FREAKING AMAZING. [I watch too much Despicable Me]


And then came the dish that makes Z’s world go round…


(chuck flap topped with sea urchin and fresh wasabi)

Delicious raw beef sashimi with a HUGE delicious sweetass helping of Uni on top. A little wasabi and a quick dunk in the soy sauce and nom nom away with the seaweed and shiso leaf. I wish you could taste the beef more but it’s just creamy melt in your mouth happy pleasure. The shiso and the uni totally take over the flavors – but the crunch of the seaweed and the chew of the beef really help it last :]

The soup for the Shabu getting hot and our sauces being served to us…..

Fresh vegetables

(includes special miso mayo)

Z had fun trying to grill radishes.. but they’re so much better just fresh. I ate them with my grilled meats and innards while Z would use the shabu to steam them :] He did grill the hot chillis which gave it a nice char taste to it – yum.

Akasen (fourth stomach)

I think these were my favorite of the night. SO fatty and chewy it was SOOOO freaking delicious. You need to cook this well until it looks like a nice char on both sides, but SO worth the wait – AMAZING.

Shibire (sweetbreads)

These were creamy and so delicious. We cooked them until they were crisp on the outside and just melt in your mouth creamy on the inside.

Tang shabu (tongue hotpot)

I think I still prefer my tongue grilled, but these tongues were SO super fresh, thinly sliced and very very tender — we just flash-boiled them really quick and ate them with some sauce and scallions.

Scallion vinaigrette

You have to order this seperately but it tastes SO good with tongue.Or well, with anything, I’m obsessed with scallions and while the vinaigrette is a little sweet, I love how plentiful of scallions they gave you – freaking scallion salad <3

Harami (outside skirt)
Nothing like a good skirt steak.

*SPECIAL: Beef Belly

These were SO fatty and juicy – I’m SO glad I saw it on the little flap of paper that said specials of the day…Z totally missed it – phew. I will NEVER pass up anything belly. Fish belly, Pork belly…. BEEF belly.. :D Best belly :D Can you believe our server told us to cook these medium? Hahaha…. like Z would ever listen.

Tsurami (cheek)

Cheek meat is amazing, haven’t you had fish cheeks? Pig cheeks? Cow cheeks are the same. Tender, fatty, juicy and derrrricious :D


He was behind me, creeper

We could’ve eaten more, we both know that, but why be disgustingly full when you can be happy and still moveable even after all that meat?!… so we walked…

We ended the night by taking a walk to Grom… along the way we found these:

Half Baci [my choice] Half Creme di Grom [his choice] AMAZING – I could’ve eaten a tub.. but I guess I need to start watching my figure, ain’t getting any younger….. hahaha.. so we shared a medium cup.

BTW, Four Loko Scrabble is probably not the “SMARTEST” drinking game to play…. so hard to think of words after a few….


  1. You simply amaze me with the pace of new posts. It’s jaw-dropping….


  2. that chuckeye tartare looks orgasmic



  1. […] is starting to take over my love of Stracciatella for gelato now OH NO – I blame it on delicious GROM […]


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