On Top of a Pizza…

All covered with cheese….
I lost my poor meatballs…….
When somebody sneezed…. :[

Ok. I lied. Nobody sneezed and the meatballs weren’t lost… they were reformed :]

Before I show you the meatballs… guess what Z and I saw at Whole Foods when we went shopping for pizza ingredients:

ANYWAYS, back to unlost unsneezed on meatballs….

These were made from six meatballs. “If they’re smaller you can eat more, you don’t feel as guilty”

But BEFORE we talk about the MEATBALL pizza.. here was the test mini margherita pizza Z made for us to test on our new pizza stone!!! [omg I used the “our” word]

Just simple sauce, mozz and basil on regular dough. Tasty tasty.. the pizza stone helped cook it so much more evenly than last time.. yum.

OK now onto Z’s Meatball pizza….

His dough, super super thin, may not be the “prettiest” but it was tasty…. the meatballs, he reformed from 6 big meatballs, into little ones and seared them and then cooked them in some pizza sauce.
Pizza sauce, mozz and meatballs… add basil and sprinkle EVOO on top after baking for ~10min and it’s done.

Nom nom nom nom!!!

And then there was my more complicated pizza

Balsamic Onions

Cutting Pears

Rolling out and stretching out my multi-grain dough

Mine was a white pizza.. I drizzled some EVOO on the dough, added a LOT of mozz, pears and balsamic onions…

I put the prosciutto on but then realized it was gonna burn if I left it in the oven for 10minutes…. so I cooked it with it off.. and added the prosciutto and fresh arugula on AFTER it came out.  Also a sprinkling of EVOO :]

That’s the bottle of Spanish red we drank with the pizzas….

Care for a slice? Sharing is caring :D

FOR DESSERT….Since I adored Joe’s Stone Crabs’ Key Lime Pie so much, Z made me some – delish!!!

SOOOO freaking good.. and such a simple quick recipe. SO FLUFFY!!!!!


  1. I love how you made the margherita pizza and that key lime pie looks to die for. Very nice post.


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