Pizza Night

After sleeping in and having a late lunch of Vietnamese food at Le’s…and I mean late… 2/3ish [yumm pho and DIY Shrimp Summer Rolls…] along with..

Summer Rolls

Roast Quail

COMPLETELY STUFFED and FOOD COMA’D BEYOND BELIEF… We shopped around Copley for a bit, I ended up not wanting anything but Williams Sonoma stuff hahaha. Figures. I’m so not into the clothes this season…. food never goes out of style ;D White Honey, Crepe Cookies and Red Licorice Candy :] NOM!  We weren’t hungry but still we were going out that night and had to think of what to eat…. We decided to make our own food…

We were in the mood for lobsters… we keep ordering subpar lobster t restaurants… but somehow ended up with the idea of making our own pizzas. We debated on whether to try Trader Joe’s dough or Whole Foods, but ultimately decided that Whole Foods had fresher produce….

We bought mozzerella, pizza sauce, fresh pizza dough, yellow onion, basil, and spicy pork sausage. We also headed next door for some good beer [Estrella Inedit, Banana Bread Beer] and some nice Red Wine! :]

Z was in charge of the dough..

And I was in charge of the sausage/onion pizza… We were making two mini pizzas.. a sausage/onion and an OG margherita pizza.

ISN’T IT CUTE? We bought the SMALLEST yellow onion we could find to go with our sausage pizza :D Isn’t it cute?!?!?!.. we put half raw and half sauteed caramelized onions with the sausage pizza

We add the basil in after 8 or 9 minutes and cook it for about a minute and it’s done. We sprinkle it with a drizzle of EVOO and bam.. delicious!!!

The first pizza is done…

Wine and Beer.. best of both worlds

Our Margherita Pizza… :D Nom nom… there was supposed to be more cheese.. BUUTTTT… SOMEEEEEEBODY was eating the mozzarella with the fresh basil :] I’m not gonna say any names.. but his name starts with a Z… I’m guilty too tho he fed me a bite :]

These two pizzas were delicious. We made them super fast and ate them all within an hour. We were heading out to DOWN ULTRA LOUNGE that night so we had to hurry. We also knew we had to eat something [and something carb-y] This was delicious and we’re STILL craving it. Z bought a pizza stone last night so we’re planning on making pizzas again later on this week!!! YAY


  1. Such deliciousness!


  2. pizza is soo delish!



  1. […] did have a…. underwhleming brunch the other day here…and while we have been craving our homemade pizza…. Didn’t matter how brunch was, I had been excited about their dinner menu since I […]


  2. […] and basil on regular dough. Tasty tasty.. the pizza stone helped cook it so much more evenly than last time.. […]


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