Late Night at Noche

I haven’t participated in Restaurant week in years… and I also have no idea why Noche started sending me emails,  but I caught a glimpse of their restaurant menu and was intrigued…. I think it was the churros and the duck leg tostada… not to mention they have a pretty cool drink menu.

We had late reservations for 10 [they take orders until 11pm] and the bar is open til… 1:30am I believe…

We got seated in a corner next to a table of drunk white people [somehow their wine top ended up flying over to our side and under my feet hahaha…] the girls were clearly drunk… there was talk of more drinking and her being able to handle 5 Guinesses… #classy – all in good fun :]

I spy with my naked eye.. a smilie face

Horrible cardboard bread. This is me squeezing it really hard between my fingers. Seriously…

Cardamom Pear Martini

double cross vodka, belle de brillet, cardamom, lemon juice, lemon bitters

I was not a fan… it was too sweet and tasted like an apple martini. NO cardamom taste at all :[ Boo….

Black Truffle Martini

double cross vodka, splash of dry vermouth, black truffle&feta cheese stuffed olive

The olive was delicious. SO truffly. But the drink was meh. We ended up sending my pear martini back and we got a bottle of bubbly :D

Ancho Chili Rubbed Duck Leg Tostada

Shaved lettuce and green mango, guava bbq

The duck was super cooked down and kind of a mushy texture. The tortilla got soggy from the duck.. didn’t really taste guava in the bbq tho.. the lettuce, mango tomato on top made it more refreshing. It was teeny tiny though.

Chorizo and Manchego Stuffed Native Razor Clams

Grilled sour orange, shaved beet and toasted almond salad

I was between this and the scallop ceviche. We decided to not play it safe and get something a bit more “daring”… it was really heavy for razor clams. The clam itself was cooked well and delicious.. I wasn’t that into the cheese and chorizo mess on top. I like my seafood simple.

Half Lobster and Littleneck Clam Roast

New potatoes and salsa verde, spicy tomato relish

Can you believe this is an entree? SO tiny… The sauce wasn’t spicy at all :[ Sad…  and there was only two clams and lobster was half of a tiny tail and a little claw and a quartered red potato. Lame. So hungry. Totally lacked seasoning…

Ropa Vieja

Slow braised Cuban beef brisket, mashed mofungo

This wasn’t bad… super tender [also to the point of mushy] and definitely heavily seasoned… not much meat but there was a lot of mofungo [fried mashed plantain] The heavy flavored beef and the mofungo balanced each other out when eaten together.. the mofungo was kind of bland and potato-y.

We were gonna order one of each dessert, but the “torte” was just some chocolate cake and looked kind of lame so we changed it to two orders of churros. Best part of the night!!!

Cinnamon and Sugar Dusted Churros

Dulce de Leche Caramel

They were undercooked and kind of gooey in the middle. Cinnamon-y caramel bliss. These were piping hot and very yummy.

We were heading over to a party at Liberty Hotel but ended up just grabbing a drink, er, bottle of wine next door at 28 Degrees because of carfail. We ended up drinking the whole thing in like 20 minutes because AAA arrived to jumpstart the car… We were both starving and wanted pizza…. but for some reason why didn’t eat aything

Noche is a fun place for bar snacks and drinks, food – not so much, if you’re looking or a full meal you’ll leave unsatisfied and hungry.

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