Grand Tasting SOBEWFF’11 – Sunday

Always start off your day with a nice breakfast…

Isn’t the Hilton Bentley breakfast buffet so yum and plentiful? They have an omelette bar and everything…. we got omelettes and fresh poached eggs [which took forever tho…] and while omelette guy is SLOW….. they come out yummy…

As you can see I couldn’t start my day without my oatmeal and grapefruit :]

The salsa by the omelette station is DELICIOUS…. and Z got bacon, lots of bacon, MAD bacon… hahahah crispy and delish.

We laid out by the pool with some beer for a bit afterwards and I smuggled two bananas from the buffet for later… and then went back upstairs to our room to shower and get ready for… GRAND TASTING!!!! Yeah, srsly, who eats so much before a grand tasting?!.. We do…

Who doesn’t want to walk to the beach on a nice hot sunny day to eat and drink in tents?

OK, so I was sweating buckets – sexy – but still :]

SO hot and sweaty.. I was sweating bullets…

As soon as we walked in we spotted Michael Symon giving a demo…

…and Rocco Dispirito signing books [he’s so hot]

Anne Burrell in the next tent

Buick boozey slushies… :D

Strawberry with Balsamic Glaze, YUM!

I’m a Flirt tattooooos :D

There are SO many pictures and SO many things we ate and drink… here at the Highlights… [and some Fails…]

Too much bread but loved the pulled pork and the slaw :D

These were the favorite bites of the day!!!! We had one, two, three… and maybe more ;] of these!!!

Some Duck and Greens cone…. it was meh…

The burger was definitely worth the wait.. while I wish the bun was softer and less bready, the burger was really good… :D

Sexieer shot with the bbq Sauce…

They had lots of fixins at the table but they weren’t necessary. OH YEAH, there’s bacon in there :D OBVIOUSLY.. cuz bacon makes everything better….

The quaca mole was really tasty and the ceviche was super refreshing… I’m a fan :D

Lobster, Cream Cheese, etc etc… yeah, Z ate it and made a face… cream cheese in sushi just makes my stomach turn so I didn’t try it…

CRAP! I wish I got a picture with the Top Chef contestant Howie.. but this is his new place. It was really yummy AND he was super nice and gave me the last shirt!!! :D Yep, I have a nice rack shirt.. maybe I should get a boob job now to complement it. HAHA… jk

Me and my main man, Fabio <3 at her Bertolli stand!!!

The plantain cup was a bit too hard/crunchy but the beef filling was rather tasty!!! *crunch crunch*

Pretty Tasty.. wasn’t feeling sausage so I didn’t eat that.. but the beef was really good… as was the fatty pork and the fresh Mozz :D

Basically Peanut Noodles

Not sure what those little crunchies that look like corn on top were but they were really good and added yum to the salad…

Beef Carpaccio


Yeah I had a few bites of these :D It was really tasty…  smoked salmon and caviar.. got some coupons to order it.. but Z is still scared of caviar at the moment :] He overate one fine day [dork] but I still make him eat it with me… hehehe…. He promises he’ll come with me to the all-you-can-eat caviar in Vegas :D



Stone Crabs :D Nom nom nom!!!! Could eat these all day at Joe’s [these weren’t from there]

You had me at mimosa.. or maybe jello…

Ugly presentation… but sooo goooood


They got me to eat mashed potatoes with their butter… it was really good. So I asked for some butter.. AND THEY ACTUALLY GAVE ME BUTTER!!!

Z was so proud of me :] We get swag and free stuff like it’s our job.

Crab Chowder…

NE Girl Represent. Clam Chowdaaaaahhh from Bhaaaastan is the best <3 Besides chowder on a hot day on the beach – not so fun….

These Key Lime Tarts were REALLY tasty….. altho it just made me crave the pie from Joe’s even more…

Somewhere between these I think we hit up a tuna stand and actually got free jars of tuna :D A regular one and a spicy jalapeno one. NOM! We also ended up with free bottles of bronzer and energy drinks. We’re so good at mooching and asking for free stuff :D Partners-In-Crime <3

PIta Chips and SPICY HUMMUS & Tzatziki Sauce.. this was REALLY good… Talked to the guy for awhile and even got some cards [he said he’d ship some to us] SO freaking delicious. Hummus is one of those Achilles Heels for me.. like PB…

Soggy Sweet Potato Fries


OK, so I don’t know WHERE they put them up.. but if you sing “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugarhill Gang in a video for Evian…. you get a baby shirt. So OBVIOUSLY, I did. And got a baby shirt.

I told Z to tape it but he accidentally didn’t… so here’s a pic of me after… why am I so puffy and red?

My future ex-husband : Tony Bourdain <3

The dirty naughty things I want to do with this guy ;D TMI

I took this picture especially for Z ;D Sexy sexy…

Haha I’m kidding, I love it. HAHAHAHA

I kid.

Maybe. ;D Narrr… not too into these banana hammocks…

OK. So it wasn’t as tasty and huge as the NY Grand Tasting last fall…. but it was GREAT company…!!! :] Everything is better with great company!!! The weather was gorgeous, yummy drinks and my boo <3


  1. oh how fun and delish!!



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