Let Them Eat Cake

At first thought, it sounds wrong. Just plain wrong…. especially since she was asked what to do about the starving French… but did you know that back then “cake” was actually just bread… either way, this famous/infamous line by Marie Antoniette is one of my favorites… and it just so happens I love cake.. and champagne.

[BTW Marie Antoinette is one of my favorite Foodie Movies… the food scenes are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!]

To celebrate South Beach Wine & Food Festival’s 10 Year Anniversary, they got Emeril Lagasse, Martha Stewart & Ocean Drive to present this awesome celebration.. booze provided by the glorious Moët Hennessy.

After a quick dinner, we grabbed a cab and headed over to Lincoln Rd [my fav Miami shopping destination] for the first of our Wine&Food events…

People buying sweet treats from the truck.. which was FUNNY because inside they were giving them away for freeeeeeeee

This car park was created by the same architexts that gave London its Tate Modern museum… it “has high-style written all over it, with variations in ceiling heights among the floors and even balconies and ramps with sweeping views.”

Glitter wristbands… chhhyeaaaahhh baby

Red Carpet + Photobooths in as soon as we got off the elevator [you don’t get to see the photobooth pictures til you’re done reading this entry.. or scrolling thru to the bottom hahaha]

Miss Tiffie, solo on the red carpet :D

Like how I’m covered with glow rings? I felt like I was at a rave… hahhah they handed the glowy things out in the front… :] And of course, in Tiffie fashion, I had to put them all over me….

Specialty Cocktails for the event…

We got their new champagne on ice with mint and an orange peel. Delish!

Free cigars….

We took one from each table… and then maybe more ;D

Z and I ended up here many many many MANY times doing Henney shots.. :]

AHHHHHH Finally!!!


FIRST of all, my favorite cake of the night was Duff’s Cardamom Pistachip cake. Not too sweet, delicious, unique flavor etc.. the second would be his Pumpkin Spice Choc Chip…a little less unique but definitely stood out to the millions of chocolate and red velvets here at the party….

Now I wanted to meet him bad, real bad.

Look there’s Geof

I almost gave up, ALMOST, but then refused to leave without saying hi first.  This girl in front of me KEPT cock-blocking me. From no matter which side I came in on she would block me. She had already been talking to him for AGES too…

This is how I feel about being cock-blocked hahahaha


omgomgomgomg DUFF!!! Hahahaha…. *FINALLY* He was REALLY nice and so tiny :] I didn’t think he was gonna that tiny… but seriously. In love with his cakes… I remember when Ace of Cakes first started airing I looked up their cakes online. I WANT HIS CAKE FOR MY FUTURE WEDDING… There, said it, future hubby to be, whereever and whoever, take note.

Thr gorgeous cake ice sculpture the guys in the funny white suits were carving out :]

Since it IS a parking garage there were speedbumps.. trust me, after a few drinks, they were DEFINITELY doing their job…. [at least for me]

Of course the biggest cake would be from Jacques…

Lemon Chiffon Cake Layered with Raspberry Jam. Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate crunch. OMG. This was SOOO amazing, aside from Duff’s cake this was the tippy top. So extravagant, rich  and indulgent.

Jacques told me to eat his chocolate cuz I told him I loved it… so I did. Haha me and Z were just staring at the beautiful little creations and inhaling them…. Oh Jacques you chocolate genius…

How could I NOT eat this? it was so good too.. I’m not even a huge white chocolate fan :] 

Flamingo made out of Cupcakes

Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse on stage…

I finally got to meet the famous Spike!!!!

Yep, Spike Mendelsohn, the burger boy, from Top Chef :] He was SO super nice and remembered me from twitter *blush* We chatted for awhile and talking about Jamaica [which we had been tweeting about] and about him wanting to open up new burger joints, possibly in Boston *saaaa-weeeet*

Some cranberry goat cheese crostini…

I kinda felt bad for this table because he was all the way in the back corner and not getting much action… hahaha, but come on CAKE party.. not goat cheese party…

Godiva gave us boxes and boxes of chocolates.. and had tons of little cake bites and chocolates for everyone to try with their drinks…

They switched Champagne pourers… this time it was a girl

OMG it’s new Iron Chef, Marc Forgione. As soon as he heard we were going to his restaurant Monday night he texted them to hook us up and “take care of us” [It’s true I read the txt] He was SOOOOOOOO nice and what a cutie. I wanted to touch his famous little mohawk hahahaha but restrained myself *note to self: you are no longer 5 years old and can’t touch everything you’re curious about*great :]

Hey guess who I saw AGAIN…

Anne Burrell :D Always with the fabulous hair and the fabulous boobs.

Double Take… is that? Can it be?Claire Robinson. She is SO adorable in person and she said I was gorgeous *faints* And since I was sick and had my raspy voice, we both had raspy voices talking to each other *giggle*

Fabio Fabio, oh my Fabio :D

YEP, THE Fabio Viviani <3

I was hoping my Fabby would come to the party AND HE DID!!! A quick txt and I found out he was at the Belvedere bar so I HAD to go over and say hi! What a cutie patootie no? *swoon* Absolute favorite Top Chef, ever!!!

I think I said something along the lines of “If I was single I’d totally jump him…” to Z hahaha OOPS ;D Did I say that out loud? Good thing Z isn’t one of those crazy jealous types and knows how to take a joke… [whether or not I was joking is another question haha jk]

“I never forget a beautiful woman”

OMG. How many girls get to have freaking TODD ENGLISH whisper that to them?!?!?! He was surrounded by young ladies… but came over to talk to me for a bit and take a picture. What a PIMP.

Good thing we kept making rounds around the party… Z and I were back and forth about whether or not this was the brilliant Michael White. We even GOOGLED his pic to compare. It’s so funny seeing chefs out of their chef jackets and in casual wear :] Finally I got the balls to just go over, tap his shoulder and ask him if he was indeed the amazing Chef White. HE WAS!!!!


[We actually saw him the next day at the Delano at his Dolce Brunch and HE said hi FIRST!!! *squeal*]

If you guys DON’T know who Michael White is… shame on you. Go google him.. haha jk, he used to be the genius behind Convivio… but has recently left it… Other of his restaurants are Marea, Osteria Morini, and most recently Ai Fiori. Biggest sweetheart ever!!

I’m in Foodie heaven… I met/saw SO many famous celebs/chefs here at this party… a lot I didn’t even wanna bother with pictures… :] It’s MIAMI, time to have fun, didn’t wanna bother ppl too much – esp if they looked busy with their friends hehehe…

Afterwards, it was almost 2am and all tipsy me and Z went SHOPPING!!! We ended up in a store and I was trying on dresses that were over 1grand each… thank goodness I didn’t bring my CC.. drunken shopping is BAD.. but I did get a GORGEOUS pair of swarovski crystal jeans…. :] Thanks!!!

Dior loves her cake too ♥


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