Screw Gourmet let’s get down and Dirty @ Kenka’s

We were supposed to go eat at Marc Forgione when we got back from Miami. Chef Forgione even hooked us up by texting the restaurant to “take care” of us when I met him at a SOBE Wine&Food Festival event….

What a cutie, he was a lot smaller than I thought though…

Kind of wanted to touch his fauxhawk cuz I’m creepy like that….

Need to learn to stop talking so much and stuttering over my own words when I meet chefs I love lol

ANYWAYS. Our plane got a two hour delay and we were both exhausted and just wanted to chill. We had been craving chinese food the whole weekend….. and in our weakness [and Z’s excitedness] we had some sushi and then MANCHU WOK at the Miami Airport….

*for shame* The sesame chicken was good tho… hahahaha – everything was just greasy and salty and just plain bad for us. Yea, I made Z walk around the huge airport together instead of skytrain ;D

So we ordered Indian and stayed in for the night and ate Chicken Vindaloo, Saag Panner and Baighan Gharta in front of the teevee with is roomie and DOGGGGIES :D. MAN, I love indian rice.. it’s so bomb!

[no pic, think of it yourself — indian food isn’t really pretty anyways]

We were over it. No more Chinese food. We finally got our Indian fix. It was between Indian or Thai] SO the next night we decided to fulfill our other ultimate craving – KENKA’s!!!

What were we craving? Not sure.. the food isn’t THAT amazing but just the atmosphere and the massive fun menu… OH and the cotton candy machine at the end ;D Yea yea I know they failed their grading last time and right now it’s pending.. yes yes it’s dirty but come ON.. we knew that ALREADY right?!?!?!?….

Z and I were both having stressful days…. so we were thirsty, REALLY thirsty….

Two giant beers and a huge bottle of sake [think wine bottle size]

Z’s Potato Salad

Mountain Yam

Toro Tartare

Chicken Cartiledge

Ok, these were good.. like salt&pepper chicken but light on the seasoning… not really cartilage in there tho.. wish there was more :D Made me think of Yakitori Totto when I had cartiledge/soft bone on a stick :D

And straight up we got two orders of chicken skin…

I LOOOOOOVE Kenka’s Chicken Skin, probably my favorite thing on their menu besides they’re giant mugs of beer and fun russian takoyaki roulette… hahaha… it’s SOOOO crispy and flash fried on the outside but SOO juicy and tender on the inside… mmmmm fat fried in fat = LOVE

Takoyaki Russian Roulette

I always need to do AT LEAST one round of this when I’m at Kenka’s…. Z and I decided to feed each other… BUT OF COURSE I win and he got it, FIRST TRY too :D Althought secretly, I’ve always wanted to try the wasabi filled one… hahahaha :D But my nose is happy I didn’t….

Bull Penis

Excuse my voice, it’s still lost and can’t be found – I sound like a raspy old man…  Sauce was gross with the penis…. still tastes like tendon but………. yickier this time than last.

Pig’s Feet

So tender and collagen-y our lips were sticking together *smack smack* SOOO GOOD!!! I love pig trotters.. all about the skin <3

And this is the first time I sat in the back, so therefore the first time I noticed there was a smoking court… AND GUESS WHAT’s HANGING ABOVE YOU?!?!?!

I want my own hanging blow up doll with giant boobies…… *jello

We traveled next door to find my Banana Beer at the neighborhood friendly grocery store/deli but found none :[ so instead we went to Oh! Taisho to eat more… I only remember parts of eating here…

Wait, why did we get Miso Soup?

Pig’s Ears [my fav dish here]

I think the miso soup must’ve come with this tuna rice dish.. right? I think it was tuna… with rice… and seaweed… OKAY, I admit I don’t remember eating any of this at ALL…

The main thing that stood out at Taisho that night….

Crispy, JUST fried greasy crunchy outside/fluffy inside fries <3

Corn Corn Corn always is <3

We ended up at a Sake Bar but ultimately decided to go home since teh wait was undetermined [and obviously too long for impatient drunken me haha]


  1. […] I walked over to Terminal J… I saw an old friend.  Manchu Wok that is. HAHAHAHAA…. […]


  2. […] I walked over to Terminal J… I saw an old friend.  Manchu Wok that is. HAHAHAHAA…. […]


  3. […] I walked over to Terminal J… I saw an old friend.  Manchu Wok that is. HAHAHAHAA…. […]


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