Worst Brunch Ever, Masa

We were SO excited for Masa. Like, REALLY excited. Ok, maybe a lot of it was mainly me….. Unfortunately it wasn’t that good … BOOO.. we got prime parking spot too [hate trying to find parking in South Boston it’s so crowded, esp with the snow and totally lacking in parking spots]

Onwards towards the suckage….

Corn Bread and jams….

Cranberry Preserves, Honey Butter and an Apricot Jam

Corn bread wasn’t bad. Wish it was warm and had a better crust tho… tasted best with the butter… meh…

Chef Phil’s Bloody Marys – Stoli and Pickled Jalapenos

It was OK.. nothing to brag about or really enjoy, I didnt even finish mine….

Our waiter never checked on us and just left us after bringing the bloodys over. LAME.

Nut Crusted Texas Toast Stuffed with Caramelized Bananas
Dulce de Leche Syrup

This is DEEP FRIED. It was disgustingly oily and I couldn’t get over that.. it’s like chewing a sponge of grease. It was deep fried in oil that wasn’t hot enough. When we complained it was oily our waiter, who was a horrible one btw, was just like “well it’s deep fried” OK OBVIOUSLY…. SO disgusting. Just thinking about it now makes me wanna gag… re-gag. Ew.

Santa Fe Style Eggs Benedict Atop Southwestern Biscuits
Avocado, Green Chile Hollandaise and Southwest Home Fries

First time having eggs benedict with no meat in it. The biscuit was meh and the sauce was too lemony and overpowering…. Z liked the potatoes but I only had one  with a bite of everything, all together, nothing special to me. The eggs were perfectly cooked but come on…. thats it… Honestly I didn’t even see [or taste] the avocado *sad*

Corn Cob Smoked Bacon

Ok honestly. These tasted like generic Stop & Shop bacon or something. Thin, salty and just….. meh bacon.

Shrimp and Cheesy Grits with a perfect fried egg and salsa

This was the best dish of the day. And even then it wasn’t that great. Guess it’s hard when it’s got good competition. Wish it was a bit cheesier tho… the yolk was great mixed in with everything though… NOM! I love some good grits… :D

We got the french toast off our check… and I told them their bathroom had an open dirty baby diaper [stunk SOOOOO bad] and we bailed. I was sad. He was sad. We were sad.

I tweeted about the diaper and they were actually really rude and told me to take it off. No please or apologies for my bad experience…. how rude!!!! The funniest part, THEY DELETED the tweets of them being rude.

Soooooo he cheered me up by bringing me to Cabots for ice cream :D What a guy <3

Freshly made waffle with oreo froyo, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream and a cherry :D DELISH!

Then we went home, watched my favorite romantic movie OBSERVE  & REPORT <3 Hahahaha and we even made some freshly popped popcorn… ate cheese and drank some good Spanish wine :]

I was pretty full for a long time for some reason…. so late late dinner ended up being Taiwan Cafe….


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