Real Eats at Taiwan Cafe

I’m ALWAYS craving Taiwanese food….it’s just so darn good.. and it’s my heritage… so OF COURSE… Taiwanese is the ultimate comfort food for me…. and since Z and I are both Taiwanese… after a day of being lazy and a bad brunch… we headed out to Chinatown for some Taiwanese food [guaranteed yumminess] before we hit up District for some fun….

Chilled Spicy Beef Tendon

Huge slices of tendon… perfect amount of chew and gelationioucity – ahahaha is that even a word? But it was great and nice and spicy :] reallllly thinly sliced so it’s not overwhelming in chew [which I also like tho.. nice thick tendons but its more nice and gooey and melty in hot soups and hotpot] But when it’s a cold dish, I like thin thin thin. Made my lips stick from all the collagen… NOM!

Chilled Five Spiced Duck Tongue

I HAVE to get duck tongues when I’m here because it’s hard to find them in the states. SO good.. I could eat them forever. Such good flavor…  soft and chewy down into my belly. Z eats them whole, bone and all [insane] but I suck/rip/chew it off the bone…

Chilled Spicy Pork Ears

Another cold app favorite/must have…. I love the texture of the bone with the hard jelly-like skin. crunch crunch crunch. SO delicious. Light hint of spice, wouldn’t call it spicy tho.. but just great flavor. I wonder how long it takes to braise the pig ears to get them this flavorful – time to ask mommy hehehe….

Stewed Minced Pork Over Rice

Z always raves about this stuff.. the one his mommy makes, he devoured this… but, and I agreed, that it was a little dry and too much rice on the rice:meat ratio. He promised to make me some, so you heard it here. HE’S GONNA MAKE ME SOME!!!!

Thousand Year Old Egg with Chilled Tofu, Peanuts & Bonito Flakes

Another favorite. [Well obviously…. all of the dishes are gonna be favs and cravings hahahaha] The creammmmmy innards of the egg with the hard jello outside mixed with the cool smooth creamy tofu, savory bonito flakes… crunch of the peanuts and I added some cilantro to it [just ask, DO IT, sooo good] Cilantro makes everything better #cilantroaddict

Xiao Long Baos

You can’t come to Taiwan Cafe and NOT order this. They are delicious.. but since Taiwan is still so close to memory.. the skins were a bit thick but the flavor is still spot on. #craving kinda want some now….. delicious soup goodness…

Braised Stinky Tofu with Veggies and Basil

Don’t get their cold stinky tofu app.. it’s not that stinky and its not that flavorful. THIS was too salty but it was stinky and pretty good… just too high on the sodium.. STANKY… I miss Taiwan stinky tofu but this was a good cure for my craving….

Oyster Pancake with Gravy

I ate these almost everyday while I was in Taiwan the last trip…. they’re better than they used to be here [used to be ALL goop] but now there wasn’t enough goop.. and def not enough oysters.. but the flavors were pretty spot on.. a bit too much sauce… I just need a light drizzle.. but def also helped with that craving…

Pickled Mustard Greens with Intestines and Blood PuddingThe intestines were fatty and really delicious.. the blood was a bit overcooked or too old for me… a little too iron-y and minerally tasting for my liking. LOVED the pickled mustard greens tho [HUGE FAN] Nice spices but also a bit salty.. def need a nice big bowl of white rice for this…… miss the real stuff tho

All in all, it was delicious – good for Taiwan food in the East Coast… Z and I ate til we burst and the waitresses seemed happy we were ordering REAL food instead of kung pao chicken [just kidding, they don’t have it there]


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  3. […] I’m obsessed with chicken feet, OBSESSED… from Din Tai Fung Chicken Soup, white steamed chicken feet… black chicken feet, fried, steamed, roasted, whichever and however it’s delicious.. AND it’s GOOD for you :]  These are delicious. Tender. Full of flavor and SOOO addictive. I’ve had an ex buy me like 5+ boxes of this from Flushing when I lived in NYC last year.  He was sweet… and I was a fatass :] Still am… HAHAHA… speaking of chicken feet.. had some today…. MMMM black chicken feet in the boozy Sesame/Rice Wine chicken… and now I want DUCK TONGUE […]


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