I want soup… and Greek…

Sick. Sleepy…. yet somehow NOT hungover… plans for hotpot were cancelled when I realized I had a dentist appointment to get to… so a quick fix was Greek. I’ve been craving Greek for awhile, and since Z always reads my mind [he’s eating my brain while I sleep] we headed to Farm Grill in Newton…

I wanted soup. That’s all I knew. So I ordered a cup of their daily special.. it was a lentil veggie soup… omg it was really BIG for the smallest size… :D SOOOO comforting and delicious. I’m SUCH a fan of lentil soups.. especially lately… so it was perfect… great blend of spices and great texture but still soupy enough…

Speaking of lentil soups, I recently had a lentil soup in NYC that was horrible. The flavor was good but it was so thick.. thicker than a curry…. I literally had to chew through it. #NG Not a fan :[ I need my soups like soups…. stoups are okay.. thick thick stews are…… depends…. hahaha I think of stews as eating it with rice :]

Z’s Lamb Chops

*yawn* NOOOOO not THHHHHHAT kind of lamb chop… sickos

There we go….
He got a side of orzo rice and spinach and mashed potatoes… the lamb was pretty tender and he likes it cooked rare [which I find makes lamb less gamey] but it was still a bit gamey for me.. so I only had a bite…. Z made me have another but…… CONFESSION, I spit it out [it’s okay, he knows] The mash was potatoey and the rice… was… really really spinachy… didn’t really have that much rice in it.. I expected a drier side but this wasn’t too bad, just nothing amazing or mind blowing…

My gyro surprise…

Haha kidding I knew I ordered a chicken gyro.

Sauce was thick and chunky… the chicken was pretty tender.. this thing was HUGE and I ended up eating it with fresh pitas instead of the bread it was wrapped in. I’m a fan of their salads.. so cheesy and delicious… or maybe I just really craved fresh crunchy veg…. :]

Ok so the food wasn’t amazing but it satisfied our craving and PLUS my MOST NEEDED, which was soup, was delicious so WINWIN :D

I miss Naf Naf‘s warm fluffy pillowy perfect pitas….but sooooo farrrr awayyyy *sob* They need to ship their pitas :D

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