For a Fried Time, Eat at Breslin

Having the opposite of a meat hangover the next day, Z and I was craving meat. Lots of it. Where to? Why not The Breslin? I now call it ‘BRESSSSSSSSSSSS’ because apparently I’m too lazy to pronounce the “lin”…*shrug*  Too bad we didn’t have the roast pig dinner ready but we did have our stomachs ready for some meat. Wish they would’ve allowed TWO of us to eat a whole suckling pig…..

With the whole menu in mind – I had been memorizing it, reading it and re-reading it all afternoon – we were off..and met at the front door…. where Z had to help me out of the car because….

Going there I had the WORST cab ride EVER. I was nauseous for the next hour after that ride. Gag. I almost puked IN the cab. Bad drivers should NOT be giving licenses…. and if a cabbie causes a passenger to puke they should not be angry.

I need a drink.

Anyways. So from what I’ve heard, especially after reading about Wendy’s experience there, Breslin is not exactly the place to go to for a healthy diet meal. I was betting their salads were fried and alas the girl next to me got a salad and there was fried greens on it *smiles* LOOKED GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD… But thanks to Wendy’s warning we shunned away from the Pig’s Foot [altho we were still tempted… Z and I love fat anyways…] we were seated on the second floor RIGHT about the piggie table *loves*

Z: “Should we start off with wine or beer? Beer?!”
T: “Yeah…!!”

So Z asked for what they had in kegs, chocolate stout beer.. sure why not.

Fail. It was kind of flat, not cold enough and too watery. I like a good thick chocolate stout that’s Guiness like.

Z went back to scouring the menu for a good wine to drink while our first course came…. I took a picture because he was looking so serious, but because I made a comment he smiled. BOO! BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Terrine Plate. Note: the SMALL Terrine Plate

[Top Left to Right]
Guinea Hen with Morels, Pork Pate, Rabbit & Prune [with fennel shaved on top…I guess it was the prune that made the fennel so sweet… not sure if I particularly loved it together], Headcheese, Liverwurst

Served with: Pickles [GHERKINSSSS!!!!!], Piccalilli [mustardy pickled fruits and veg – there were grapes, not really a fan] & Mustard

Ok. So best was definitely the Liverwurst. Delicious crunchy sea salt in the bite. Delicious.  Smothered on the toast [DOOD, two of us, all that stuff and only 4 TINY puny pieces of toast? We asked for more toast, but it came after all of the stuff was almost gone…]

Next best was the Rabbit & Prune….I didn’t realize it was prune until now, looking back at the menu#fail. But it was pretty good. Z liked it with the fennel better, I liked it without. The bunny itself was really good… a few bites with mustard, mostly without.  I ate them without toast, just sliced it off and ate it… literally.. off the knife.

Afterwards it was all kinda meh to me.  The Guinea Hen with Morels was …slightly off to me, not gamey, just off. Like morels tho, the terrine not so much.  Pork Pate was pork pate, nothing special. And the Headcheese, omg where do I begin.  The Headcheese was so off, not the right consistency..the gelatinaity [new word? gelatinousness] was off.. it tasted like congealed soy sauce from cooking pig trotters. Now I love that stuff but I love headcheese, and this was not needed more texture. This tasted like grease. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t headcheese.

Our choice of poison:

Speaking of wines..we actually ended up sending the first one back [haha] It’s how we roll ;]

Next up…. the Onion and Bone Marrow Soup with Parmesan Toast

Remember this French Onion soup? And then how I made my own Bone Marrow, Short Rib, French Onion 3-Cheese Puff Crouton Soup for NFNS? Yeah…. this was NOTHING close to it.  It tasted like a french onion soup, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t BONE MARROW. No decadence at ALL. And the toast was subpar. It wasn’t even that cheesey. I saw two cheese blobs [I think I ate the two cheese blobs too] Ended up just picking at the onions at the bottom of the bowl. SO SAD. I wanted chunks of marrow or at least be able to taste the marrow in the soup – #fattylove.

And then the best thing of the night… THANK GOD WE ORDERED THIS… It was between this and sweetbreads but I was INSISTANT on getting the Blood Sausage with Fried Duck Egg & Tarragon Cream

The egg was perfection. HUGEEE and fried PERFECTLY. The yolky egg was brilliant.  And blood sausage was so clean and smooth tasting.. sometimes they add to it but this was just brilliant.  Crunchy outside and creamy inside.  I’m not even a creamy sauce type of person but it was great with it.  A bit of the greens some yolk, white, sausage and cream was the perfect bite. I could nom this all day long.

Peeking thru

And then came our 40oz Dry Aged 28Day Ribeye with Bearnaise & Chips [oh yes, their famous thrice-fried chips]

The cut was delicious.. something slightly off about the steak but we ate it up anyways. YUM.

Thrice-Fried Chips

This really made my dinner.. this and the blood sausage made me oh so happy. The crisp outside, piping hot and creamy inside with a perfect sprinkle of salt all over. NOM. No need for condiments here. I could eat these forever.. OMG dying right now just wanting a nibble….

Check out all the beautiful fat that surrounded the yummy RARE meat…..

We used the leftovers to make a happy booger face :] I swear we’re not in Grade school anymore….Z started it, I just added on with the sauce :]

The people below us had switched out and they were just getting their piggie :]

A little sad and considering getting a lamb burger [why didn’t we?!] Z got a Jack on the Rock and I got this….

FROM THE PUDDING MENU!!! I love that they call the Dessert Menu the Pudding Menu :] YAYAYAYAYAYAY….

Spiked Cider

Ginger Snap

OHHHH the gingersnap[s, mind you TWO] were delicious. Hahaha, sadly the best of the desserts..even had chunks of fresh ginger in each bite. Can you just bring me a plate of these and call it a day?*sigh*

The donuts were nice tho… nice…I think I want beignets more…OBSESSED..but I loved the salted caramel sauce in the center… Z did too, so I shared ;]

Brioche Doughnuts

Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Spiced Maple Butter [Cinnamony]

DON’T get this: The Spotted Dick

Steamed Pudding, Nutmeg Custard with Maker’s Mark

I’m two so obviously I had to get it. HAD TO.

Ok, now I’m not saying it was was just…nothing, it tasted of just slightly soggy bread. Nothing jumped out at all except disappointment *insert me pouting*

It was depressing but as I went to the bathroom I was reminded that….

So home we went and I was up til 4 in the morning watching Adult Swim, Food Network and eating Jamon :] Overall tho I was pretty proud we had a decently “healthy” meal here.. totally unexpected hahahah :]


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