Cecchini Dinner at Del Posto

Hi New York, I’ve missed you so… and so has my stomach

Not that I need a reason to come back to NYC all the time… but it’s fun having good reasons to. The last time I was here it was for this awesome Cornell thing and this awesome FoodBankNYC thing. It’s been way too long… that was over a month and a half ago….. silly Taiwan getting in the way of things ;D…. Anyways…

I had the pleasure of being apart of the Dario Cecchini Dinner at Del Posto this past Monday. After a splattering of cute little appetizers, Mortadello Crossiant Balls, Fried Salted Cod Balls covered in Rice, little bites that tasted like Hot Dog heaven, Prosciutto filled..Truffle happiness… it’s hard to keep track of OR remember when you’re just eating and drinking…. [oh and a lame Lobster sandwich on white bread!], etc…. and of course plenty of wine, champagne and bellinis… we sat down to begin our dinner around…Cow, yes whole cow, with Chef Cecchini in the basement of Del Posto.

The Menu


Monday, January 24, 2011


Beef Tartare Crudo e Cotto

Medici-inspirated baked Jumbo Meatball, served with Spicy Pepper Sauce

Boiled Beef and Raw Vegetable Salad

Florentine Roast Beef

Braised Beef with Tuscan Herbs

Slow Roasted Apple with Vin Santo Gelato


Chianti Classico 2005
Flaccianello 2000
Vin Santo Del Chianti Classico 2001

Highlights of the Food
After wandering around smoozing [or lack thereof] and drinking and eating little happy balls of amuse… [let me repeat there were actually HOT DOG like bites!!!!] …we were settled into our tables where more wine was poured and words were spoken.  We made friends at the table and watched the Chef talk [and be translated by his beautiful wife] to all the guests.

The tables were adorned with bread, butter and LARDO [which I inahled massive amounts of… and am now a pig, oink!]

I was drunk and the lighting was off so most of the pictures came out subpar and/or horrible [esp the appetizers, due to lack of hands and horrible lighting – I.HATE. FLASH] so I’ll just give you the three prettiest plates to drool over:

This was my favorite dish of the night, the Beef Tartare Crudo e Cotto

The block of rosemary is actually in a cube of tartare which was quickly pan-seared on the bottom – methinks to hold it together better. With a sprinkling of the most delicious, fresh rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil [can you taste the love?] the nice thick hand cut [pounded by Mario himself] slathered on the crunchy  thick toast was to die for. DIE FOR.

Medici-inspired baked Jumbo Meatball, served with Spicy Pepper Sauce

Silly me for totally putting away my menu and forgetting that there was spicy sauce on it. “It’s SPICYYYYY!!!!” I remember me declaring like I had discovered a new World Wonder#fail But how curious was I when the plate came to me in cubes. “What what is it?” As I nibble a corner. CUBED Meatballs. My mind is exploding as we speak.


Boiled Beef and Raw Vegetable Salad

To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember what this tastes like. I just think the picture came out really really pretty. And I’m pretty sure it tasted fantastic. I blame the wine.

WHICH in fact brings me to the joke of the night.

They take out this REALLY nice wine and tell us “Now THIS is the good stuff”
I try it, put some in my old glass of wine and says it tastes the same.

I’m a mean drunk.

But like I said, it wasn’t just about the food but the atmosphere.. I almost forgot that this WAS a restaurant instead of a rented venue.

The People
The first guy I had the cajones to talk to – David Chang. Z didn’t recognize him but I knew it was him. So after a bit of a back and forth I walked up to him and was like YO YOU DAVID CHANG RIGHT CHIGGA?!?!..Hahaha I kid, but yes I politely asked him if he was and we chitchatted for awhile :] It’s the fuzz that totally threw us off…

Um, awesome. I told him that I had my ##th Bday last yr at Ssam Bar and died from orgasmic happiness..well not in those words exactly, but I was glowing.

Z: “You love his ramen?”
T: “I love drawing in it!!!!”

And if your brain needs refreshing

Yep my infamous Momo Ramen from David Chang’s noodle bar ♥ First meal of last year January 1, 2010

I love him. You love him. EVEN FREAKING Anthony Bourdain loves him.
He also has an awesome book. Which I also love.
Sidenote: I want Meat Glue.

Joe says I might be obsessed. Maybe….

Next up?!
Mario Batali, of course. It IS his restaurant.

T: “Mario it’s SO great to see you again…”
M: “It’s great to see you agian too…”
T: *thinks to self: I WISH!!!!!*

Mario is SO famous. He probably sees a million bajillion people a day, how would he remember me?! But then how do any of the chefs do*fans self as I daydream about hot chefs*

Short but sweet convo. Mario IS a busy man afterall.

Next up…Lidia Bastianich

T: “OMG it’s the lady with the cooking show…”
Z: “The one that cooks with butter?”
T: “NO NOT Paula Deen.. the Italian one…”

This lady is SUCH a sweetheart. I had no idea she was an owner of the restaurant. *silly me* I need to start doing more  homework when I go to these events – SLACKING!!!!

She’s super cute. I think I’m doing a weird bend over so we have a more balanced picture. [Weird poses ended up being the theme of the night, I fail at pictures] She told me I was really pretty and we talked fo the longest time and she gives great hugs :] Z put in a few good words for me too, saying I’m a good cook *blush* and loves her show. I still need to get HIM to see her show.. we DID see her dried pasta at Eataly yesterday tho :]

AND THEN?!?!?!.. As I patiently waited to meet the Chef star of the night… Lidia pulls me over to talk to freaking Cecchini

I think I was talking too fast in too much English but he just laughed and say Thank You in english [I figured he didn’t really know what the hell I was saying probably since his wife translated for him during his speeches] He was really really nice hahaha doesn’t he look drunk and happy?? :] Yay! Thank you so much Lidia for getting me in ;D And yep drunk pose #2 with my wine glass.

And then there was the biggest surprise people of the night….

Muthafugging Gwenyth Paltrow.

WHY did my picture with Gwenny have to be me crouched over looking really to drop a dookie? *SIGH* She was EXCEPTIONALLY sweet, very polite/well-mannered and SO SO SO SO much prettier in person than on screen [which she is already] HOW has she had children? And how is she her age? Thank you Mario for being friends with her so I could meet her [if you’re unaware of their friendship, shame on you – read about the show and buy the book – dvd available too]

Overall the food was great but more wine was poured… more importantly the same wine for most of the night :[

I was kind of hoping for  more variety.  The food was spaced out for a really long time… so from drinks and hors d’oeuvres at 7……… let’s just say it got hazy after glass number 20th or so…. I woke up the next morning slightly hungover but mostly starving and craving more meat….which is why I ended up going to Breslin….[to be continued…]


  1. I love Lydia. I used to watch her show all the time with my grandpa. =)



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