A DimSum dinner at 圓苑 [Yuan-Yuan] at 圓山大飯店 [The Grand Hotel]

After a long day two of Flora Expo.. [TONS of walking] I was starving for some good eats [and a nice seat] First we were going to go to a Night Market for munchies…

They had one savory one [a spicy vegetarian radish SOOO good], red bean ones and cream ones <3 We, of course, got a few of each to munch on…

They were delicious!!!! Creamy, melt-in-your-mouth and just PERFECT.. especially after the fail from the other day XP I think the savory ones were the bestest and cream ones are good fresh and piping hot [it was oozing like crazy and burned my mouth – HURTS SO GOOD!!!!] but red bean is classic :D This place we found is a hidden gem and superrrrr famous – there was SO many ppl there and they just stand there making them all day… we waited for FOREVER for them, SO worth the wait – and SUPER cheap too :] Only like 10$NT for one…

But after munching on these and walking around we decided to head over to the Grand Hotel for some eats :] We originally were going there for their spicy beef noodle soup [Nio Ro Mien] but found out that the cafe closed at 5pm everyday [LAME] so we decided to get some small eats [the only other restaurant was banquet style and Cantonese food – lame]

My Castle is Bigger than Yours <3

So Yuan Yuan it was… which specializes in Northern Chinese Delicacies

Yuan Yuan, located on the attic floor, is able to serve up to 100 guests at a time. In the form of a traditional Chinese attic, this dining place is adorned with an altar and a painting of “Guan Gong Reading ‘Spring and Autumn Annals’ at Night.” The small square tables and stools allow guests and their friends to enjoy meals and conversations in an intimate setting.

Fried Pork Chop

If you’ve never had Taiwanese fried pork chop you’re missing out…

Won Ton Soup <3 My fav comfort food

I can always use a little more xiao long baos in my belly…. <3

I think these were crystal shrimp dumplings…. with pork and this fuzzy squash

These were really really good… I loved the squash

Flakey buns

More Flakey [Savory] Buns

The hotel is SO gorgeous……

Afterwards I headed down to Khaki Lounge for some late nite grubbing and drinks :]

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