Lounging at the FreshFields Resort

I had a day of lounging in Hot Springs… private and public…. [the babies did too] and a late lunch at Tea Time [2-4] at the buffet dowstairs [blog post soon] – where I literally stuffed myself til I almost puked… and then more soaking in the Hot Springs….

Around 830-9ish my tummy started grumbling and I was craving some Nio Ro Mien [Spicy Beef Noodle Soup]

First some AMERICAN wine… Syrah from Chateau Ste Michelle to be exact… a Seattle winery… :] My birthplace… so I have a softness for them [also my mommy’s name]

Mommy and I ordered two noodle soups to split…

Dookie Jr with my Thai Wonton Glass Noodle Soup
Filled with seriously lacking wontons [aka shumai type…], but had shrimps, fish balls [they were meh], veg but a delicious broth…

My side dishes…

Pickled veg and shrimp chips

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup
Delicious tender flavorful beef and tendon :] I ate most of it.. the broth was also delicious but I’m still biased and partial to my mommy’s Nio Ro Mien the most <3 BEST!

And then we got excited over the desserts… and ordered a lot.. unfortunately they were pretty but not tasty at all… especially the macarons were meh… they tasted old :T

Coffee Mousse Cake

Poopie Jr posing with the Ginger White Chocolate Pyramid

Dookie Jr wants a bite

PJ and DJ are eating AM-NI-MALS.. just like their mommy :D … and daddy haha

Mango Mousse Ball

This was the tastiest of the bunch – mainly loved the mango gelee on the outside of the mango mousse “bomb” .. it was kinda depressing and we barely touched them… just picked and ate the chocolates and nibbled on the macarons [they all kinda failed tho]

The lounge actually has a decent drink list and have a lot of wines and stuff but it’s SO much cheaper to buy from the gift shop [like 1/3 of the price from the lounge] and have them open it at the lounge…. the lounge also has sandwiches, salads and soups.. and waffles… it’s good because they’re open late and I adored their noodle soups.. It’s absolutely FREEZING in the winter tho… so dress warm and eat warm.. or just drink a lot ;D

GREAT for a quick cheap meal tho… well minus the quick.. the beef noodle soup itself took over a half an hour… #fail Wish I ordered TWO bowls tho


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