AoBa: Creative Taiwan Cuisine

Spent the afternoon with my Aunt at a new tea house cafe in the old Sogo. We got a set for two people which came with tea, coffee, sandwiches, scones, little cookies/cakes and fruits :]

I’m such a sucker for tea parties…  aren’t these tea sets cute??? I saw so many cut tea sets in Taiwan that I wanted to buy *sigh* but so hard to bring back…

Macaron <3

Fruit Tart <3

We talked and talked about everything and anything… Aunt gave me advice on boys and life and health and happiness…  Mom was out with a girlfriend having tea time elsewhere catching up so we planned to meet up before dinner and walking over to the Breeze Center to one of my favorite restaurants there.

Along the way [even tho it’s just a few minutes ago] our mouths got hungry…

I got a black sesame one… I would’ve liked it better if they didn’t fill it with Mochi as well [they call it crystal rice] I wanted more black sesame texture….

AoBa [青葉] One of my fav places in Taiwan.. nom nom nom!!!

They call this branch “creative” Taiwan cuisine and they have a ton of classic and special variations of Taiwan dishes… sooo good..

AoBa, a nouveau version of “Chin yeh”. The renowned Taiwanese restaurant presenting local favor test for 40 years. AoBa has now redefined traditional Taiwanese cuisine set with a flare of modern, trendy Chinese art décor not losing it’s taste of authenticity. Not to be missed are the wide selection of Japanese rice wine completing a spectacular brand new dining experience.


First up is a big steaming pot of their famous Sweet Potato Congeeeeee [粥] <3 It’s all you can eat so trust me I ate all I could eat, two giant pots of this for the three of us.. namely ME.
Delicious. Simple. Perfect. *loves*


しなちく / braised bamboo shoot julienne

Delicious. A little bit on the saucey side but I adore bamboo and in Taiwan you can get SO much fresh bamboo EVERYWHERE!!!!! So I eat it as much as I can :]


豚足とピーナツの醤油煮込み / Stewed pork feet with peanuts

They have, by far, my favorite piggie feets I’ve ever eaten [aside from my mom] it is the LIGHTEST dish of trotters not too saucey or sweet or salty like most places… they cut up the feet into small pieces [altho I do like gnawing on the whole thing] and it just melts in your mouth. Even tho pig’s feet are a rich dish [it’s all about fat/collagen and skin] you don’t feel heavy after eating this.. in fact you want another plate of it :]


はまぐりとへちまの炒め煮 / Stir-fried clam with loofah

Clams and this green veg [kinda like a fuzzy squash” so freaking good… I always love this combo!!! It’s also really good as a soup :] Just add a little white wine, ginger, NOM!


活き魚(ハタ)の姿蒸し / Steamed fresh fish

Delicious fresh steamed fish with tons of scallions and some ginger. Absolutely one of my favorite ways to take my fish. And, IMO, one of the best ways…. I think seafood is bestest simple and fresh.  So aside from seared or raw… steamed is the next best thing…. This was delicious and I ended up sucking and picking the bones and head clean…. CLEAN FISH CARCASS #imsoasians

I was still starved right before the fish came out so we ordered another dish…. they recommended their 3 Cup chicken…. it was good but a little too saucey and salty for me :T The rest of their food was amazing. Perfectly seasoned and spiced so this seemed really heavy, compared. Still great flavors tho…


鶏肉の醤油煮込み / Stewed chicken with soy sauce in casserole

Good and flavorful but too salty…. I’m not a 3 cup chicken fan to begin with but they recommended it, I was about to just order more pig’s feet ;D

and of course a couple more bowls of…. which really helped with de-salting the chicken…

NOM! I ended up wobbling back to my hotel [and almost got hit by a damn taxi MOFO] and passing out after a nice hot shower :] HAHA Food Coma FTW!


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