Wassupie Wasabi?!

After a day of walking around at the Flora Expo, exhausted and tired, we took a cab to Taipei 101 and got us some, since for Jap we usually just go to Daikanyama, super gourmet Japanese sushi buffet at Wasabi. I’ve seen it for so many years BUT I’ve never gone inside…. why?! Not sure… maybe cuz it’s a buffet…. but then again, buffets in Taiwan are soooo much more classy and gourmet than the ones in the States…. :] #sadbuttrue

[Source: Wasabi Website]

[Pictures Source: shopfirsteatlater.com]

variety of yummie slushies and juices

Tempura and other fried foods

Different kinds of fried ricesssss <3 NOM!

Veggie and Stirfry dishes

Boiled and grilled yummies



My first round…. from the sushi bar :D

Steamed Crab, Steamed Squid, Salmon Sushi and banchans [green beans, kimchi and other pickled veggies] and of course a poached egg

Some clam soup and green tea to wash it all down…

Look at this gorgeous poached eggggg….

Unfortunately….. the yolk was overcooked…. still soft but not goopy and yolky and runny the way I love it…

Isn’t that completely depressing?!?!!?…. SIGH… I immediately txted Z about this and we shared a sad moment together lol

Second Round

Salmon Sashimi, Beef Soup, more banchans and stirfried veggies and veggie with fatty pork… ya’ll know how much I love my pig.. especially the fat pigs.. mmmm PORK FAT <3

Thinly sliced rare beef soup…. I ate this asap first so my cow didn’t overcook in the delicious beef broth

Sunfish Sashimi in a Passionfruit Shell

Third Round….

a nice herb salad.. with fresh okra <3 NOM More salmon sashimi and more delicious stirfry veggies

And then I wanted some sweets…

Fresh fruits, red bean soup, and lots of mochi desserts… black seasame & peanut mochis, green tea jello, macarons [the WORST] black sugar mochi, red bean cake and black sugar cake

Green Tea Jelly w/ Red Bean

After another plate of sweets, unpictured… of tons more mochis [joy!]

Shrimp Tempura, Green Bean Tempura, Sweet Potato Tempura
I’m not a huge tempura person but these were lightly fried and not greasy at all delicious..but just a few pieces were enough for me…. onwards to rice :D

Yep…a few bowls of their delicious fried rice

I’m not a big fried rice person, and only eat my mommy’s…. [btw if you go to a chinese place and order fried rice it’s basically their leftover rice made into fried rice]

After all the salty after the sweet I decided to get some ice cream – black sesame of course… the line was long… so it took a good 10 minutes or so [does it really take that long to scoop ice cream? #scoopFAIL]

LOVES..and stuffed :D Fattie McFatFat signs out ~~~ XOXO


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