Famous Postickers at 小南門點心世界

One of the first places I hit up when back in Taipei was the Breeze Center 微風廣場 ….. and one of the first places I ate there was 小南門點心世界 [Roughly translated into Dim Sum World] They’re known for their potstickers [from their original location… which my mom talks about ALL . THE . TIME.] But now that they’re relocated and super convenient for us to go to [basement of Breeze Center] NOM NOM TIME!!!!

As soon as you walk in there is a case of little cold plates/dishes that you can pick out what you want [they each cost $$ of course but each one is super cheap and you add your own sauces]

I got two of these… one of my fav vegs to eat while I’m in Taiwan

Eggplant… not sure what the sauce was,  not a fan, good thing I only dribbled a little bit

My fav!!! White bitter melon… sweetened… and there’s a plum on it :] NOM!

1000 yr old egg with tofu, bonito flakes and cilantro. Another one of my favs.. unfortunately… the egg didn’t taste THAT fresh to me so I didn’t eat all of it :T

This one had been taunting me since I forgot to grab it in the beginning so when I grabbed another one of the green vegs [first pic] on my second round, I got this as well. I LOVE MINI FISHIES!!!

TOFU and little fishies :D Sooooper spicy, loved it!!!! I ate all the hot chillis and fishies… hahaha Despite the fact that I’m asian… I don’t actually eat a lot of tofu….

Their famous potstickers!!! They only come in plates of 10.

They were really good and juicy.  What makes Taiwanese potstickers so unique is how big they are, and they’re not wrapped closed.. they’re kinda like dumpling burritos – pan fried = HEAVENLY!

Delicious hot veggies :D

Clam soup :D My FAVVVVORITE!!! With lots and lots of ginger of course <3 *swoon*

Delicious, satisfying and cheap :] And totally held me over for a few hours of shopping [until Tea Time]…. :D But that’s the next entry…


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