Party Bus Wedding Insanity in Kao Hsiung

Last Saturday me and the 范 Family [mommy’s side] rented a party bus and headed down to Kao-Hsiung to celebrate my cousin, Angela 姐姐’s wedding!!! Not only is she a new bride but also a mommy to be :] *exciting* I’m about to be an aunt to ANOTHER baby <3

I headed over to Taichung first to stay at the Hot Springs resort [will be blogging about that soon!!!] for two nights and then headed over to my auntie’s house….. Woke up super early to get on the party bus [coming from HsinChu picking up all of our family members] at the Micky D’s

Purple bus… we karaoked the whole trip down south :] INSANITY!!!! We’re all crazy show offs who love to sing :D MWAHAHAHAHA….

We stopped by the Dream Mall to eat lunch and to shop for a few hours :]

Me and my girl cousins :] I’m so blessed to have such a beautiful fam :D

We decided on Ramen for lunch…. :] You know me, I can’t get enough of my Japanese food and carbs <3

My Super Spicy “Hell” Ramen.. with 2 extra pork servings… it wasn’t even spicy #FAIL The noodles were super tender tho [very QQ ;D] and the egg was delicious…. just wish there was more in the bowl

Mommy’s Miso Ramen

Auntie’s Garlic Ramen [my cousin Fan Fan got it too]

Cherub got Milk Ramen and Dirk got Chicken Katsu Set – FYI, Dirk is my cousin and Cherub is his gf ;D Such a super cute girl!!!


Love my cousin Fan Fan ;D We’re both leos *rawr* and totally TWINNIES!!!!

PJ and DJ join in on the Ramen fun :] I take my babies with me everywhere!!!

After lunch we decided to do some shopping…. which resulted in just excessive coffee consumption and massive amounts of photos

Strawberry Marshmallows and Caramel Macchiatos :D


The 5 Star Hotel we stayed in… and had the banquet in…. we rented out entire floors for our fam :] Like almost 20 rooms!!!!

Since the city is known for their fresh fresh seafood by the waters… we decided to head out to the ports to eat some great seafood…. The restaurant was MEH…. it was a recommendation by our party bus driver – we were all super psyched for the food but it was subpar….

Worst ugly sushi ever….. but the fish skin sashimi was SOOOO FREAKING GOOD….

Stirfried noodles – BORING

Pan Fried Scallops :]

Squid Slices w/ Mayo, Fish Roe Slices, Fried Seafood Rolls… and Sashimi [hidden]

This was one of the best dishes of the night, it’s all fried fish belly adn fish roe :] SOOO YUMM [and good for you – minus the whole fried thing hahahaha] it was sweet and tangy…. but not ghetto sweet&sour sauce :] YUM

Clams, Scallops and Tofu

SUPER delicious fresh squid… I ate pretty much half the dish ;D Oops…


I had SOOO many pieces of fish belly… and soooo many bowls of the food, good for you and good for the soul :] AND SO FREAKING DELICIOUS!!! I could’ve eaten the WHOLE bowl of it.. but I had to share.. and I did, a little bit…

Super bland soup, I don’t like super cornstarched up soups [ie Chinese takeout eggdrop soup, hot&sour soup etc etc] so I didn’t try this…. heard it was super bland/way undersalted…

A cute little red fish… yum yum

After dinner we wandered around the ports… we walked thru a dried seafood market… smelled so fishy and yet so wonderful :] Free tastes all over the place…

Then we walked thru a nightmarket… so many stalls and ALL selling delicious seafood and pretty sparkly things… me, my cousin and my aunt are all leos and LOVE sparkles :D

And my cousin got us some pink cotton candy :D YAY!!! She’s the best!!

We headed back to the hotel and were planning on a night of dancing and drinking but after getting all dolled up….. the night life was pretty BLEH so we ended up just talking, gossiping and eating for the rest of the night.. plus we had to get up early for the wedding tomorrow, so no real worries… ;D

Me in my new Dolce&Gabbana dress with the beautiful couple picture

Pretending to be 酒家女 with the uncle :]

We’re such camera whores :D Hahahaha….

Our youngest uncle wanted in on the 酒家女 action for his office desk :D

Finally some decent wine

Sashimi and Lobster with potato salad… YEP that’s RAINBOW SPRINKLES and mayo…. hahaha

Jellyfish salad, eel, squid slices and duck :D

Yummy seafood soup with a lot of delicious red vinegar <3

Pig Tendon, Fungi, Bamboo and Bok Choy

Chicken Roll with oily sticky rice and green beans… sooooo freaking good!!

Sliced Geoduck with Shiitake mushrooms and “China Girl” veggies

Oldest Uncle and his wife – parents of the bride

Angela passing out good luck Wedding Marshmallow Candies…

Us single ladies got our lucky candy <3

Fried Shrimp Rolls and Lamb Ribs

Drink drink drink, cheers

With my nephew, isn’t he the cutest??

He’s such a little pimp :D Check out that hair!!

Black Chicken Herbal Soup – delicious and SOOOO good for you!!!

Radish Buns

Filled with delicious radish and a succulent meaty pork filling!!!! The outside was so flakey and baked perfectly!!

Fruits <3

No wedding cake :[ The one on the stage was just for show.. this was a yogurty/milky fruity sort of pudding!!

More posing and being vain <3

A last photo with the beautiful new bride+groom while we grabbed some lucky wedding candy!!!!

Fan Fan and I showing off our legs… hahaha and Dirk being a creeper in the background hahahaha


Congrats big sis<3 May you and your husband and new baby to be forever be blessed <3


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