Eating Japanese in FreshFields Hot Springs Resort

I had been living in Taipei for the first 3 weeks of being in Taiwan…. but the plan was to go to Taichung [where all my aunts are] for some R&R – Woke up early that day to checkout of my Taipei hotel, and took the subway to take the HSR [only 40 min..] to Taichung.

The Babies’ first train ride :]

I got there an hour early so I chilled at the Starbucks there…. Srsly… the food there is SO much better than what we have in the States.. so much fresher and so much less sweet. YUM!

Their Pumpkin pie was a delicious Kobocha Pie :] Fresh chunks of kobocha and it wasn’t overly sweet or mushy like regular pumpkin pie [nor was it all pumpkin-spiced out]

After drinking massive amounts of coffee and filling up on sweets I finally got picked up at the Train Station by a limo/personal driver and headed off to FreshFields Resort :]

The view from the suite

There were two macaroons in the fridge… on a plate. Now you know I’m a fatass, but this is kinda…. weird. They were just out in the open, not wrapped or anything.. just there.. were they left over?!… I get all irked out by things like this….. what if they’re tainted with farts?! *sigh*

After a nice long soak in the hot springs private tub [nakie party for one!!!] I headed downstairs to grab a delicious all-you-can-eat-Japanese dinner with my aunts and mom. YES, you heard me right, ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT… you just keep ordering and ordering… sushi, sashimi, dishes, hotpots, etc… etc… :] SOOOOO much delicious food and they just kept it coming and coming….. we opted for them to first send out some of their more popular dishes… and then I ordered a whole mess of sashimi for me [my aunts and mom don’t eat sashimi]

Started off with a delicious fresh salad with fatty pork in it…

Squid babies :]

Smoked Duck

Look at that bootiful duck fat and skin <3

When I bit into my squid it still had all the ink and the bone in it HAHAHA.. and all the goop…

Beef Tataki…

Apple and Ribeye…

This was SOOO freaking good.. the meat was super fatty and tender and the apple gave a nice subtle touch of sweetness to it :] DELISH!!! Screw pig and apples, lets have a cow and apples party from now on!!!!

Sashimi for MEEEE

I only knew the Tuna and the Salmon, most of the other stuff I got was just Asian fishies found in Taiwan/Japan area… they were yummy tho :] Esp the brown marinated one…


Beef Yakitori

These were tender, flavorful and so delicious!!!!

Veggies with Crab Meat

Chawan Mushi

See that big cut of fatty pork?! YUM! Pork Belly makes everything better!!! Chawan Mushi is one of my favorite eats :] It’s pure comfort food!!!

Seafood Soup…

Youse squeeze dee lime in dee teapot :D

Clams, Scallops, Mushrooms

You pour it into little tea cups and drink the soup like that, then you eat the seafood inside. NOM!

DELICIOUS DELICIOUS SHRIMPIES… boiled and then covered in salt… NOM!

Me being the awesome blossom that I am, ended up getting shrimp blood ALL over my bag and myself >_<; Anyone know of a good way to get blood out of leather?! My poor Balenciaga….

Chicken, Egg, Onions + Veg

This was a bit sweet for my taste…. but I kept eating the onions and the eggs :]

Oysters, Squiddies and Veggies in Butter

Not sure what this is, we didn’t order it so they took it away again, I think it was fried snails or something…. hahaha

More Apple/Beef :D

Told you it was super good, so we ordered another order, and double from the last one :] YUM!


King Oyster Mushroom Yakitori

Fried White Fish

Asaparagus, Shrimp, Alfalfa Handrolls

We ended up ordering another round of 4 for all of us. These handrolls are SO yum!!!!

I need huge amounts of veg so I ordered another plate of the crab/veg <3 NOM!

Mackarel Yakitori <3

It was a little bit fishy fro my liking so I didnt eat it..

Figures, we had an order of Galbi coming and they didn’t bring it out until AFTER the fruit. I laughed SO hard and clapped my hands – expected… but still had to see it with my own eyes <3 YAY

Ended the night with a “milk booze” in Chinese it sounded SOOO mysterious but then when I got it, I found out it was just a really really icey milkshake with two coffee beans and a spoonful of Baileys :[ Weaksauce.

I ended up just drinking my Americano and eating oranges while the ladies chatted :] My mom picked at the milkshake but it was MEH :T What a sad way to end a good meal…..

All in all this was a GREAT restaurant for a GREAT price :] My aunts and mommy don’t eat as much anymore so it’s more of a great deal for ppl with bigger appetites or younger fatasses [like me] HAHAHA… :] NOM!


  1. […] been to Xing Bei Tou in two years so it was time to go visit again.  Last year I went to one in Taichung to live at for a few nights at Fresh Fields and it was AHHH-MAZING!!! I never really finished blogging about that place. OOPS […]


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