Food Bank NYC’s Eat. Celebrate. Support!

I’ve known about this since summer and as soon as I got the email I got tickets for it.. one for me and another for whoever was cool enough to go with me ;D

After registering in….Up up up to the 61st floor…

Still a little emptyyyy…

Then we headed over to the cheese table… so as I’m gnawing on some delicious crunchy aged smoked gouda… who do I see?!… HOLY FUDGECAKES.. the guy I’ve had a crush on since middle school…. srsly… I was in my early teens and I had a thing for an older, tall, lanky guy who smoked, swore a lot and was a dick… but in the most awesome attractive way..

Enter Anthony Bourdain…

Never in my life have I ever been so star struck. I couldn’t breath, I was getting all hot in the face and my knees/legs were giving out….

Serina + Bri found me amongst the crowd [maybe cuz I was the pretty much the only person wearing something NOT black] we chatted and snacked [and drank] for awhile.. the boys talked while the girls girl talked ;D

Then they opened the orange curtains and we walked into the main event…

I was too entranced by awesome people and awesome eats… one of my favorite was a black pudding… a meaty little pie that was flakey and buttery.. the meat was a little dry but only because all the fat had gone to the bottom of the tart :]

And then I met the COOLEST guy of the night…


I spotted him from across the event and ran over.. sure enough Sarina & Bri were already there :D Great minds think alike.. OMG, had the best conversation with him.. and later he had to get called up on stage.. he told us to come up with him :] COOLEST DOOD EVERRRRR

We so sexayyyyyyy <3

To the left to the left, EMERIL *freak out*

To the right, to the right, Bourdain, Ted, etc.. etc….

I told MARIO he was freaking OG <3

I think I told EMERIL that too.. altho Z and I overheard him complaining about camphones which made me a little nervous to ask for a picture “If cameras weren’t bad enough now they have camphones”… altho super funny.. Z was making fun of some lady and Emeril’s wife thought it was HER… LOL.. WHO btw, was a pretty smexy lady….

And yes that’s Anne B <3 Whom I love, but was kinda scattered [and perhaps drunkie] that night.. but she remembered me… but embarrassingly [on my part] enough thought Z was another guy :P

Waiting for more wine and champagne <3 I’m a lush and a girl of many weird faces, what can I say?! DEAL!

My lover Sarina and me :] Srsly, am I the only girl NOT in black?!?!?!

David Burke’s Lollipops <3 THE BEST, some of my FAV things ever.. totally getting more when I go to Chi in April <3

Freaking out cuz I see Casare Casella <3

Wanting to go gtalk to him but he’s getting interviewed… which is hilarious cuz I get caught in the foodbank video with me dancing with Cesare and being a weirdo in the background while he interviews ;D *nerd*

View Vid Here:
If you can find me [which isn’t that hard] You can make funny of me ;D

THe most adorable guy EVER

He even let me smell his Rosemary in his pocket… ;D Naughty

Best pic of the night :] Brian is so AWESOME in this pic… and of course me and Sarina are fabulous [well she always is and I usually act a fool.. so a good pic for me – FINALLY]


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