2010 Taipei Flora Expo: Part I of II

The top of mommy and I’s to-do list when coming to Taiwan this year was for the Taipei Flora Expo.. 三 Auntie came into Taipei to come see it with us.. we bought a three day pass but ended up going all out on just the very first day…. of course still more to see the following days… ;D Here’s a quickie re-cap of Day 1!!!

They used a cat theme through-out the Future and Dream pavilion because they wanted to promote living like a cat… enjoying life :] Which is great for me, cuz I always knew that if I was an animal I’d be a kitty cat :D Purr*

What’s an Egg Tree?

These looked like little pimple cacti

Yeah I have a dirty mind….. ;D


These flowers were made out of plastic spoons… :D I know, plastic, so un-green but still :D CUTE

Quack quack quackity quack!!!!

These really did smell like chocolate. I was crouched down smelling them for so long I think I ended up on a lot of facebook pictures….. they probably thought the flowers were spouting crack and I was high….

Right when you exit the Future Pavilion there was a little cafe….

Everything looked so promising…. unfortunately… it was over priced…. and MEH

My choice: Strawberry Cream w/ Puff Pastry…

Auntie’s: Chocolate Cake – she loves chocolate desserts the most because it’s “safe”

My choice for Mommy: Green Tea & Black Sesame aka WORST — I shouldn’t have played adventurous and should’ve just stuck with the WHITE FOREST cake…

Brandied Cherry and Macadamia Nut Ice Creams…

Most expensive cup of meh coffee…

Shop Decor

Hungry and ready for some REAL food we headed out to the mini mock night market outside of the pavilions…


Fish gong-wan [fish balls]

Beef gong-wan [beef balls]

Both soups were meh but I was starving… still haven’t eaten real food all day… and I had barely touched the desserts from the cafe earlier… WAAA.. hungryyyy~~~

Fujian Style Garden [old school]

Flower Landscape

Walls of Flowers

EcoARK: Building made entirely of recycled bottles

I got to catch a totally awesome fashion show while going thru the building… :D

Flora Rainbows

Expo Dome

Christmas Decor

Expo Dome: Flower Arrangements

Me and the Flora Expo Characters — soooo cute :D

Afterwards, STARVED, mommy, auntie and I went to Taipei 101 for Wasabi……. next post :D


  1. it’s too bad the food there is not good.. it would have been such a great chance to show off some of the best eats in taipei to so many tourists/pple. ah well. hate it when cakes look delish but are NOT!



  1. […] a day of walking around at the Flora Expo, exhausted and tired, we took a cab to Taipei 101 and got us some, since for Jap we usually just go […]


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