Pajama Party at Tremont 647

Z: “Can you check the address of Tremont 647? Is it just 647 Tremont?”
Me: “Probably….”

Z and I both woke up super early to do some volunteer work for Tzu Chi in Chinatown Sunday morning…. [hahaha drunken promise he’d come with me from Friday nite] We got there a little after 830 and was there til 1. Afterwards, swirls of Dim Sum were no longer swirling in our heads… but Bloody Marys were… we had a destination, South End…. so that way we drove.. and straight to Tremont 647 … one of Boston 2010’s top brunch places.

I’ve known Chef Andy Husbands for over a year now after I met him thru twitter and helped him promote a charity event/dinner. I’ve been dying to try his Taco Tuesdays but ended up trying his brunch first. If you don’t know much about him… he was actually on Hell’s Kitchen a few seasons ago…

As soon as we walked in we saw James in blue silk pjs, wait, PJS?!… how come I didn’t show up in PJS?!.. no fair… no FREAKING fair… everyone working there had comfy happy pajamas on… and they do this every Saturday and Sunday. FUN! I need to work here…

Complimentary Breakfast Loaf Bread…

Me thinks it was some light banana bread or walnut bread with powdered sugar… I didn’t think it was sweet enough, even with the powered sugar, but I love crust, so crust were picked :]

Two Big Girl Mimosas

Yep, they have mimosas AND “Big Girl Mimosas” altho it was funny because when Z ordered them he only called them “Big Mimosas” – psh can’t say girl ;D

These were pretty much just champagne :] As we were drinking this….we got treated to some extra complimentary appetizers :] Yum yum…

Special: Pear Pop-Tart

The crust was like an undercooked shortbread dough. Delicious… with amazing rainbow sprinkles. LOVE rainbow sprinkles…. the filling was amazing… fruity and delicious.

Crispy Pork Momos

Soy Sake Dipping Sauce and Sriracha

The dough was a bit too thick and undercooked for my liking but the filling was really delicious. Very asian-fusion and reminded me of thick fried guotie [pot stickers] If only the dough was a little bit thinner because the crispness was great.

The Breakfast Burger

Grass-Fed Half Pound Burger, Fried Egg, Bacon, Cheddar, Avocado, Shoestring Fries

This was probably my favorite one… mostly because I’ve been craving burgers like crazy.

Look at that gorgeous pink…. Perfectly Rare… YUM!  The burger was really good. Perfect soft bun… crunchy lettuce, tomatoes and red onion… the egg was creamy and the burger, the meat, OMG… I love you rare burger. I love you.

Crispy Bacon

Z asked for them to be extra crispy, to the point of black [hahaha] but we got them like this… bacon never fails… :] You can always trust bacon. Yay. Kinda wish there were more fatty pieces… haha

Special: Pumpkin Cream Cheese French Toast

This wasn’t as “French Toast”-y as I expected… they look like grilled cheese :] Hahaha…. super super creamy and cream-cheesy…I wish the french toast was a little gooier and had a bigger crust… I ADORE pumpkin so as soon as I heard that it was a special of the day my eyes lit up like crazy.

Fried Chicken “Benedict”

Biscuit, Poached Eggs, Gravy

The fried chicken wasn’t the fried chicken I expected… the crust was really light, the chicken was super moist and brined really well…. there wasn’t really any breading at all but the crust was crisp. The gravy was really light [thanks for not being hollandaise] and the poached egg was slightly overcooked… Z & I both like gooey, like REALLY gooey, yolky RAW yolk, but this was just slightly goopy solidified yolk.

Best Bloody MaryIt was a bit too thin for me.  And not spicy enough, it had the flavor I just needed my chunk in it. I was a bit disappointed in them.. I missed my celery and olives :] Hahaha… but drink drink drink it up I did… their drinks are strong but don’t taste that way – YUM!


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