Salts Makes Tummies Happy

Z was back in the Bean for Thanksgiving so we decided to let loose Saturday night and go all out and grab a bite [or two, or three] at Salts… we started off at M Bar at the Mandarin Hotel… the Monsieur is DELICIOUS if you’re into bubbly and vodka :] They also have great olives and almonds to snack on while you drink!! But onwards… usually I only come ’round here for Craigie… but today was all about Salts!!!!

The restaurant reminds me of a cute little home-turned restaurant in NYC or Europe. Definitely reminds me of a little farm restaurant. YUM!

Warm rolls.. still not sure why the look different… but both were good… 

Creamy delicious butter…

Amuse Bouche
Parsnip Soup

It actually just reminded me of pumpkin soup, it was good and warm in my belly tho – super creamy and was a super tease. SO HUNGRY SO HUNGRY….

I put my trust in Z for picking the wines for the night, we’re both big Spanish wine fans [bold & spicy] so that’s what we decided to drink….

Bottle #1

Nantucket Bay Scallops

Salts Farm Heirloom Turnips, Bartlett Pear, Foie Gras, Sichuan Peppercorn

One of the best dishes of the night…. perfectly cooked scallops – they were tiny but full of flavor, not overly salted [I don’t like salting scallops since they’re naturally already so salty]… Little bites of Foie really upped the dish. The radishes gave a great refreshing crunch to the dish… not sure what the cream was… creme fraiche?

Wild Japanese Hamachi
Salts Farm Radish, Heirloom Apple, Honey Soy Gelee, Petite Shiso Leaf

EDIBLE FLOWERS!!! Me thinks Salts like flower petals.. apples gave a nice crunch but I wasn’t obsessed with this dish. It was really fresh and not fishy at all… but sashimi dishes, to me, are getting played out… they all end up tasting pretty much the same. Of course, except for Black Bean Tuna at Toro haha…

Coriander Fried Veal Sweetbreads

Spiced Squab, Compressed Green Apple, Banana, Curry, Coconut

They cut the sweetbreads in half and then fried them – this is the first time I’ve ever had fried sweetbreads.. they were so light. Foam Foam Foam… hahaha… don’t really recall the creams and flavors, but LOVED the sweetbreads. SUPER creamy and delicious.

Bottle #2…

This stuff is SO good that I found some at a local wine shop and bought two bottles :]



Heirloom Potato Gnocchi, Pickled Beets, Black Truffle “Caviar”, Dill Emulsion

Before I continue, Z picked this. Hahahaha.. it was okay. *meh face* It was a bit tough and overecooked?!.. the gnocchi was good though. I like gnocchi. Z likes gnocchi, we ate the gnocchi…

Roasted Local Cod

Petite Root Vegetables, Razor Clams, Ginger Lemon Grass Beurre Blanc

Wait… razor clams?!… I didn’t see razor clams.. I loved the carrot balls tho, those were a hoot.. I don’t know why I called them a hoot, but they were cute and even cuter in my belly. But wait, seriously? Razor clams?!… But the cod was great. I love things wrapped in lettuce and steamed.. don’t know why.

Whole Roasted Boneless Duck for Two
Lavender Honey Glazed, Roasted Pears, Heirloom Carrots, Petite Farm Turnips

I love that they take it out and cut it up tableside :] How AMAZING does this look?!.. FABULOUS!!!

His Plate:

Her Plate:

I look like a psychotic serial killer

I’m usually more of a crisp crisp duck skin girl [but sometimes the meat gets overcooked and dried out]  but this perfectly glazed duck was fatty, meaty and delicious…. It was LUSCIOUS!!! I DE-VOURED it… DEEEE-VOURED… Loved the veggies and adored that they had roasted pear in it as well.

Btw, there WAS bone.. helloooo?!?!.. LEGS?!?!.. I duno I just thought that was funny…

We were super full and ready for more drinking so we opted out of dessert [told you it was a trend] But they gave us a little something something anyways :]

A little ice cream some almonds, yum yum yum… creamy, crunchy and not too sweet :] Loves.

The staff at Salts were amazing and soooo friendly – the hostess is absolutely adorable. Definitely a go-to place if you want something delicious and homey <3

798 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02139-3510
(617) 876-8444


  1. You eat the most beautiful food!!! <3



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