All You Can Drink Bloody Marys @ Agua Dulce

My favorite thing about the weekend is sleeping in late, throwing on something comfy and heading out to some delicious brunch. If you walk down 9th around where I live the street is riddled with tons of small eateries of all sorts of origins. Many with the sign “All you can drink Bloody Marys and Mimosas” … but I ended up at a place I had been once before for dinner – Agua Dulce.

It was warm for the end of October so I sat outside in the sun. The table was tiny and rickety so I ended up sitting at the big kid’s table [haha]

$20 for unlimited Bloody Marys… I made sure to get my worth, I think I had at least 5 of these…. they were really good :]

Lobster Ceviche

This was amazing. I’ve never had lobster ceviche before, I’ve had it obviously cooked in everyway [or uncooked] possible except this. This was absolutely DIVINE. Maybe the food came out slow because they didn’t’ expect me to demolish this so fast…..

Chorizo Frittata

Gruyere Cheese, Chorizo

This was a really thing frittata, but pretty standard, the cheese made it amazing. The nice peppery salad on top really helped add more texture to the dish. It was sprinkled with a generous helping of chorizo throughout the eggs.

They actually brought out two other dishes we HADN’T ordered with this.  They were really really slow and brought out this with fish tacos and french toast. Er… They took them away and FINALLY they brought another dish out….

Lobster Benedict

Lobster, Chorizo, Lightly Poached Egg, Fresh Jalapeno Cornbread w/ Chili Lime Hollandaise

The cornbread was delicious – I love cornbread, not sure if I really tasted the jalapenos though. There were only a few tiny pieces of lobster [lame] but the chorizo was really good so I felt a bit better…

Perfect piece of lobster, chorizo and unpopped egg atop of the cornbread.

I’m not a hollandaise fan so I didn’t try it… the egg was just perfect to wet the bread so I didn’t need anything extra.

Thick Cut Smoked Candied Bacon

REALLY. GOOD. BACON. Thick, sweet, smokey, perfection.

I was confused. What was going on? Was I going to get the third dish? I kept asking our servers and hostesses and they would just shrug their shoulders. FINALLY… after a few talks with who SEEMED to be the manager, the REAL manager came over to apologize…. another 20 minutes later out came the third dish. I also ordered another bloody mary and more bacon.

Grilled Shrimp and Sugarcane SkewerShredded Papaya and Avocado

This was really really good. I ended up chewing the sugarcane and even swallowing some of it. SO freaking good. Sugarcane reminds me of Taiwan.. can’t wait to go back and chew on them and pretend it’s bamboo and I’m a panda.

Cuz I am a panda….

The food was good but I think I got an ulcer from the brunch. Good thing I met some great people on the big kid’s table and they were really fun to talk to and seemed genuinely interested in my food blogging. So if you’re reading this, shouts to you Rick Gmitro.

EDIT 12/1 : I suck cuz I forgot to include his webbysite….^^ see name… it’s a disc jockey [haha I wrote jokey first oops.. drunkie] entertainment company…. so  *cheez time* go with the flow and get a requesting ;D


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