simplicity. kyotofu

Awhile ago, towards the end of summer, my mommy was visiting me in the City for the day and we wanted to find a cute little cafe to nibble and gossip….

Enter: Kyotofu


steamed brown edamame, sea salt, fresh lime

We had another bowl since we were there, drinking delicious tea and nibbling so much…..

warm japanese mushroom salad

baby arugula, red onion, parmesan

This was DELICIOUS. I loooooved the mushrooms, it was so tasty and went great with the arugula on the bottom.

housemade tofu salad

roasted beets, cippolini onions, yuzu miso dressing

The peppery arugula completely balanced with the sweet tender homemade tofu. Amazing, and sooo delicious. Tasted like tofu pudding…..  豆花

Mommy: This tastes just like 豆花
Tiff: 豆花 IS tofu…
Mommy: True….

5 Dessert Omakase

There was the matcha green tea creme brulee [white peach sorbet, vanilla bean tuille, candied violets], “NYC’s Best Cupcake” [warm Chocolate souffle cupcake, mixed berry compote], macarons, green tea chocolates, signature  sweet tofu [kuromitsu syrup]

A side of chocolates…. red bean, black sesame and green tea

The check came in a cute little box and with two adorable flower shaped madeleines…

Everything was SO delicious and delicate… we bought some macarons, some cakes and a box of chocolates to take home.


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