A Delicious Night Out at Dovetail

I remember seeing Chef John Fraser on Iron Chef America a short while ago… and ever since then, Dovetail has been on my list of go-to’s. I came here on a Sunday and they suggest the prix fixe Sunday Suppa… but you know me, I can’t play by the rules OR color within the lines….. so I ordered my own mix and match [Basically, three prix fixes and a few a la carte]

Look how excited I am :]

Amuse Bouche + Cheesy Corn Bread

Usually I fill up on bread if the food isn’t good or filling enough – but I was inhaling these because they were amazing.

All sorts of mushroom gelee goodness on a cool bended spoon – very cute way to present *currently thinking of doing appetizers this way for Thanksgiving!!!*

Me acting like a smart-ass and posing like a duck with my spoon :D

— appetizers —


turnips, seabeans, apple-ginger consommé

The consommé was poured in front of me over the fresh hamachi…. it was refreshing and very light; great way to start off the meal.

dungeness crab salad

daikon, shiso, yogurt

I wish there was more crab… or even salad… but the crab was fresh and quite tasty. A lot of times crab gets too salty but these were great… totally digged the yogurt. And like I’ve said many times before, shiso is a great flavor/addition to any dish.

pumpkin soup

marshmallows, chestnuts

I feel like this whole marshmallow in soup thing is becoming a trend. Who would think of marshmallows lending a sweet fluffy puffy hand in a savory soup. You might be scared but you’d be in love. For some reason, this fall I’m falling in love with soups – soups of all kinds – CONSTANTLY. I’ve always enjoyed soups but rarely had it when I go out to restaurants.

soft poached egg

ramps, bacon, oyster mushrooms, yams

I don’t think I’m ever able to resist NOT getting a poached egg. If it’s on the menu or integrated into a dish there is a 99% chance I WILL get it ;D This was perfectly cooked, creamy, delicious pork belly [aka bacon] and sweet sweet yams. Perfection… only gripe?!… I wanna pop it myself… I’m just like that… wanna pop my own egg…

— entrees —

duck confit

beets, haricot verts, curry

This was absolutely AMAZING. Usually I’m used to duck leg confit, but this wasn’t it. The skin was sooooo crisp but melted in my mouth into beautiful duck fat…. the meat was so tender and perfectly cooked. SUCCULENT [sexiest word ever] and my mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. Golden beets and a slight hint of curry [LOOOOOVE CURRY] This was SO amazing. If anything, come to Dovetail for this.

baby pork shoulder

swiss chard, apples, potatoes

I like pork. I love babies. I ADORE baby piggies. Pork shoulder aka butt is just orgasmic [aside from their cute pudgey piggie bellies] You could taste the pork for what it was – pork. Pig. Yummy delicious juicy piggie. Apples and pork always go together, thank goodness it wasn’t some lame chop and applesauce [borrrring, seriously I’ve only ever had ONCE in my entire life a juicy tastey porkchop…. Sel De La Terre in the Natick Collection by my hometown] But it didn’t come with applesauce…. And then I love swiss chard… basically any green most people don’t like – I love

roasted sirloin with beef cheek lasagna

king trumpet mushrooms, onions

I read this wrong and thought it was a beef cheek/sirloin lasagna…. either way.. PERFECTLY cooked sirloin and a cute little 3 bite lasagna on the side [okay FINE it’s like A bite, for me since I’m SOOOO “lady-like” but I made it last] cheeks are always delicious and juicy.. super tender… it wasn’t exactly how I expected.. but it was nonetheless [is that the right way to say it?] good. BESIDES, mushrooms are always delicious. I’m a shroom head… ;D

— desserts —

crispy fuji apple confit

pecans, rosemary butterscotch ice cream

No words. Just yum. I love apple crisps. This was granola-y, apple-y and just YUM… need I repeat? BUTTERSCOTCH – ROSEMARY – ICE CREAM?!?!?!?!?!!…. happy sigh*

vanilla cranberry parfait

oranges, olive oil cake croutons

I think this was it. Maybe not, couldn’t find it on the menu – maybe it was a special? WAAA

pumpkin cake

earl grey, lemon curd, cinnamon toast ice cream

AMAZING. i love EVERYTHING pumpkin, DURRRR xoxo, squash queen

complimentary red velvet cupcakes

Unexpected and amazing. As much as I find red velvet cake overrated…. [its red cake, ok, get over it, I love pillsbury sprinkles cake more… COLOOOOOOOORS]  but anything freee makes it so much better [says inner college girl in me]

*MWA* Dovetail = Amazing service, amazing food, amazing experience. YAY

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