Craftbar, food done right – Colicchio, you’re awesome.

Tom Colicchio, how do you do it? After all this Top Chef stuff I always forget that you are an amazing food God.

So, how have I not been to a Craft restaurant in the city yet?! I’ve been to CraftSteak at MGM Foxwoods and I’ve been to Colicchio & Sons, twice – but none of the Craft “chains” here. Well… tonight’s the night.

I got there on time for my reservation but was told to wait at the bar. Boo…. good thing they have freaking Saison du Buff [Saison brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. ] Tonight it didn’t taste of rosemary to me but high in thyme, YUM<3 Swoon! So the next 15 minutes of waiting was bearable.

Started off with some fresh EAST COAST oysters [of course]Fisher Island Oyster [NY] and Barcat Oyster [Virginia]

They were delicious. I also asked for some tabasco and fresh grated horseradish on the side. SO freaking good.

Hamachi, Quince, Crispy Prosciutto
Light with a nice salty crunch from the prosciutto and some sweetness from the quince… Quince needs to be showcased more as something other than garnish…. like at Quince tart at Colicchio + Sons Tap Room for Brunch.

Fluke, Lime Vinaigrette, RadishThis fluke was amazing. So delicate and just melted in my mouth. The garnishes didn’t overpower the fish at all.

Berkshire Pork Rillette, Morello Cherry

This was heavenly…. delicious richness of pork in a jar.  The cherries worked perfectly with the rich rillette and added an acidic and sweet element to it.  Plus nice chewy texture. I’m all about texture.

Beef Tongue, Horseradish Aïoli

Huge slices of beef tongue – very ham like. Couldn’t really taste the horseradish but no worries, it was delish…. definitely never had beef tongue in this fashion before… kinda reminds me of when I had it at Toro where it was more smokey and tender  – falling/melting apart, instead of the yummy grilled kBBQ type

Stuffed Rabbit Saddle, Pistachio, Golden Raisin Chutney

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been having a love affair with rabbit lately, and I guess it’s rabbit season?!.. it’s EVERYWHERE. So so happy. I even made it [second time ever] the other day. Braised shredded rabbit with squash ravioli. Creamy, truffley and delicious. :] I think I forgot to take a picture of the final product tho. NEVERTHELESS. NONETHELESS?!?!?!… whatever. I am a bunny, and I’m a cannibal.

Remember this infamous picture from this post?

Some delicious toast to go with our Charcuteries and such

Crispy Pig Head, Shishito Pepper, Sherry

I am ALWAYS down for anything pig. Especially their bellies, skin and their heads. YUM. Not to mention, shishito peppers are amazing. Ever had the fried shishito peppers at Boqueria [altho they make it sound healthier and sassier by calling them “blistered”? YUMMMMM. [I always said Yum-O for kicks… haha] I think most tapas places have it.

Duck Prosciutto Bruschetta, Duck Egg, Mizuna, Orange Puree

Bruschettas are such a great invention. You’ve got the crunch of the toast and the creamy substance that holds the protein [or veggies] to the bread. MMMM.. creamy duck egg – such decadence.  And the nice sweet and acidity of the orange, omg DECADENT!!! The duck prosciutto melted in my mouth and into my pores. The fresh crunch of the arugula finished it off perfectly. Haha. Agugula.

White Anchovy Bruschetta, Soft-Cooked Egg, Braised LeekWhy anyone would have anchovies, I don’t know. They’re fishy.. cuz they’re supposed to taste fishy. And creamy and delicious they are. The older I get, the more I appreciate them – maybe it’s an age thing – or just my fattie factor ;D They lay on a bed of tender braised leeks and creamy gooey scrambled eggs. JOY.

Fried Green Tomato, Tomato Molasses, Smoked Pearl Onions

Yep, the famous fried green tomatoes that I claimed on twitter that were better than sex ;D PERFECTLY fried.. I’m not even a fried person… sooooo delish!!! I need to start making my own fried green tomatoes… or get someone else to make them for me… haaaa!!!

Shaved Fennel, Hot Cherry Pepper, Pecorino

Refreshing and looks like noodles. LOL. But it was great… delicious cubes of pecorino which paired great with the fennel. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fennel… just like I adore black licorice [makes sense right?] So…. :] Obviously this was a dish meant for me. It was light and refreshing [wait I said that already – brain fart] especially since so much “heavier” stuff was consumed earlier on….

Spanish Octopus, Chorizo, Cranberry Bean, Lemon Greek YogurtIt’s a problem, it’s REALLY hard to NOT order octopussy when I see it on the menu. YES I said octopussy, it’s not a typo and it’s just how I say it so deal – hate it then just skip over octopussy comments that I make ;D Perfectly cooked.. just not enough.

Sidenote: Chorizo is a great thing, but I feel like it, just like bacon, is used to make things “good” by totally covering the whole dish with it’s flavor. IMH.

Red Kuri Squash Agnolotti, Creme Fraiche, Delfino Cilantro, Pepitas, Chestnut Streusel

YUM. You know I love SQUASH. It melted away in my mouth and just happiness…. the pepitas added a great crunch… lovedddd the cilantro… always love cilantro. I know there are people who either love it or hate it – nothing gray. BUT… I.LOVE.CILANTRO.

Bouchot Mussels, White Wine, Garlic, Parsley

This could’ve been good, I wish it was – you know I’m obsessed with mussels – I eat them ALL the FREAKING time. But the first one I had was SO bad I had to spit it out and gagged. :[ They took it away and took it off the tab, but still. Sad.

Pekin Duck Confit, White Bean Cassoulet, Duck Egg

Once again, more duck eggs. But delicious crispy, perfectly cooked duck.. pulled away from the bone like BUTTTTTT-AH

Veal Ricotta Meatballs

I’m a meatball girl, total comfort food – ALWAYS in the mood for them.  While I still haven’t found any that make me love meatballs more than my own [har har V is for vanity] these were pretty darn good and tender. By the way, anyone wanna have a meatball party with me asap?!…

So I… not sure why… but didn’t get dessert. Probably because I was POPPING out of my corset. DON’T wear corsets to dinners if you’re actually going to eat.


ps. more posts soooooooooooooon :D



  1. I was sad about the mussels tooo…they were definately inedible. The meatballs were soooooo goood but you are right not as good as yours. I’ll meatball party with you!



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